"green energy" feasibility and investment opportunities

to be re-elected. :slight_smile:

Is this the jumping-the-shark moment? Battery powered electric generators. :crazy_face:

It’s kinda funny to think about - Cell phone batteries are old fashion, I now use the phone’s built-in battery-powered electric generator!

And note, no mention of how these batteries are/will be charged…


By diesel generators, obviously


They’re providing portable batteries in a package with capabilities similar to existing generators. Everyone knows the device as a portable “generator.” If everyone thought of it as a portable power source, maybe they wouldn’t have to use the word “generator” in the description.

They are providing batteries. Period. And everyone already recognizes batteries as being a highly portable power source. They use the word “generator” to try to obfuscate the part where this ‘new’ product is just a battery, and the fact it is still subject to the same limitations that have prevented batteries from being used to power construction sites all along.


No problem. They will just fire up their trusty windmills and solar power.

Edit. Son of a gun it’s contagious.

Some good news



Just be thankful that TX is not part of the national grid … or it wasn’t 40 years ago. I presume Texans are still independent and proud of it.

ETA: at least until a few more migrants move in. :smile:

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…although I’m not sure how anyone would think an EV would be a good choice to drive from Florida to Kansas even under ideal conditions.


And here is where your true colors of hate shine through. You, as a thinking person, know that the drive would be impossible. However, instead of offering to give the non-thinking idiots help in the way of a monetary donation, you point out their lack of brainpower and common sense.

To add fuel to the fire (and BTW, pollute the planet, cause global warming, and kill all fish stocks) you only offer to help educate them so they will no longer be morons. That is unacceptable. You have to be more accepting of diversity. Imagine if we all were productive and desirous of benefiting ourselves, others, and the planet. Then, where would we be? Huh?

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“Green energy” is not ready for prime time

How is it “mysterious”? A cursery inspection of the collapse site should reveal the likely point of failure.

This article is tripping over itself to try to avoid stating that such turbines are an inherently flawed and dangerous product. Because that’d mean manufacturing should be halted indefinitely.

Come to think about it, maybe that’s the goal. What better reason to retain traditional enegery sources without pissing off the green nuts.

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Fool or knave? The odds are with fool.