"green energy" feasibility and investment opportunities

Investing in green tech not going so well here


Maybe they should get the anointed one to resurrect Solyndra, because it was such a success. :upside_down_face:

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That article was from 2020 but the latest results show that the bloom is still off the rose so to speak

  • Last week, leading stationary power generation system provider Bloom Energy published fourth quarter results well ahead of expectations.
  • That said, Q4 results benefited from a large one-time gain and the fact that management focused on high-margin projects for delivery in the quarter.
  • Unfortunately, Q4 performance was still insufficient to achieve full-year margin and cash flow targets.
  • Much-touted electrolyzer segment won’t contribute to the company’s top-line anytime soon.
  • Considering the company’s less-than stellar 2022 performance, ongoing dependence on legacy technology and risk to cash flow projections, it’s hard to get excited about Bloom Energy at this point.
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A Voice of sanity but I am sure it will be ignored. Good article backed up with solid statistics

State officials claim that the 12.5 million electric vehicles expected on California’s roads in 2035 will not strain the grid. But their confidence that the state can avoid brownouts relies on a best-case — some say unrealistic — scenario: massive and rapid construction of offshore wind and solar farms, and drivers charging their cars in off-peak hours.

Under a groundbreaking new state regulation, 35% of new 2026 car models sold in California must be zero-emissions, ramping up to 100% in 2035. Powering these vehicles and electrifying other sectors of the economy means the state must triple its power generation capacity and deploy new solar and wind energy at almost five times the pace of the past decade.

Prediction - offshore solar will draw away energy that helps maintain ocean temperatures, and in 30 years we will be panicking about how the oceans are going to freeze if we dont do something to warm them up. Not to mention the effects of massive wind farms on El Nino and other weather patterns.


Truth is stranger than speculation. The radical greens oppose ocean water desalination because it changes the ocean water salt level.

High concentrations of brine can reduce oxygen and increase toxicity in marine environments. That’s caused some to worry about what what decades — or even centuries — of desalination could do to the ocean.

Why don’t GM, Ford, and other gasoline engine car manufacturers do what the the selfish, phony, hypocritical “greenies” such as Algore, John (Lurch) Kerry, and Bill (I barely had contact with him and none of his girls) Gates do - plant trees and say it’s an offset for your overly extravagant, Leer Jet jaunting, lifestyle?

ESG investing taking some heat… for bad performance. Nothing kills a fashionable fad like losing money on it.

In 2022, eight of the top ten actively managed ESG funds in the United States fared worse than the S&P 500’s 14.8% decline—compounding long-percolating fears that ESG is a ruse.

When those fears first emerged, there were just a few voices willing to stick their necks out: Chamath Palihapitiya, a prominent venture capitalist, took to CNBC in February 2020 to call it a “complete fraud”; Tariq Fancy, who used to oversee ESG investing at BlackRock, the powerful asset management firm, published a blog post in August 2021 arguing ESG was just a label the firm slapped on funds to charge higher fees. But they were outliers.

Over the past several months, however, the momentum has picked up. Now a growing cadre of executives, lawyers, and Republican officials has taken to lashing out against what it views as social justice parading as a serious investment strategy. The backlash reflects a growing sense that millions of Americans—those who do not subscribe to the new orthodoxy around DEI, the climate, and “stakeholder capitalism”—feel ignored by, and even at war with, the institutions charged with protecting their interests.

Former attorney general William Barr, who served under Donald Trump, told me ESG is “a form of extortion” that is forcing “companies to take particular actions whether or not those actions are in the financial interests of shareholders.”


From a great short seller, who knows a scam when he sees one

Carson Block, founder of San Francisco-based Muddy Waters Research, which conducts research into publicly held companies, said: “ESG investing, from the fund managers to the managements of the companies themselves, is almost entirely a giant grift.” All ESG does, Block said, is repackage existing funds. “ESG is just bullshit tweaks at the margins.”


As the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Maybe the plan is for all of us to give up gas stoves to trade off for the oil.

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A real shame/sarcasm

“Silicon Valley Bank’s early support and commitment to supporting climate tech startups certainly helped catalyze the enormous migration of capital that you’re now seeing deployed into the sector,” Adam Braun, a founder of the climate startup Climate Club, told CNBC.

For instance, SVB provided financing to 60% of community solar projects, said Kiran Bhatraju, the CEO of Arcadia, a climate technology company that, among many services, helps people connect to community solar projects.

In this, the bank “was a climate bank pioneer,” said Steph Speirs, co-founder and CEO of Solstice Power Technologies, which has built a technology to help connect people to community solar projects.

Substituting a century for a day, so is a feeble mind. :slight_smile:

A large opportunity to fill a massive hole in the head - time to donate to brain funds. :laughing:

More on Silicon Valley Bank, and the climatistas

The banking crisis, which is the largest U.S. failure since the financial collapse of 2008, comes at a critical moment for climate technology, just as the administration is beginning to roll out the $369 billion in clean energy incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. Scaling up the country’s ability to produce low-carbon power and remove planet-warming pollution from the atmosphere is key to meeting national and international climate commitments.

This is real money even by Silicon Valley standards