How long is long enough?

That’s crazy. I had the opposite situation, home state tried to charge me the full amount of tax even though I’d paid a portion of it when I bought the vehicle. I don’t quite remember the clerk’s reasoning, but it directly conflicted with the state’s policies on crediting sales tax paid to other states and she wouldn’t budge even when I read the information verbatim from their website. It was a small satellite office, so there was nobody else to talk to. I went outside and called the main DMV. A supervisor confirmed I was correct and called the office to give the clerk the correct procedures. I went back in and it all went smoothy.

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Look at that - last week, a little over 2 months after the purchase, the charge finally posts to my account activity. Coincidentally, the posting date matches the date on the final fraud claim resolution letter I received, so it’d seem they did have it rolled into the fraud claim despite repeatedly insisting it was not.

So the answer to “how long” in the case of a missing charge appears to be at least 68 days.