How to get paid for timeshare rental?

I found someone to partially rent my place starting Feb 24th. I made the reservation and they have confirmed it with the place. What’s safest way to get paid the $800? Does it sound like a scam if I require them to send a bank check for the full amount ahead of time? Or if they use a regular Paypal payment, can it be disputed for a service like this? I don’t want to scare them off but don’t want to be screwed if they don’t show up and haven’t paid.

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What are the terms of the reservation agreement you made with them?

Is the payment nonrefundable or do they have the right to cancel with notice?

No terms mentioned. Couple wants it 2/24 to 3/3. I said $800. They agree. Covers the maintenance fee. I have the place 2/18 to 3/5 and it would be hard to rent out those other days even if I give it to the in house rental agent. Not refunding at this late date.

They can send you a Paypal gift…not covered by buyer protection

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They will be sending a money order.

Just make sure it isn’t a scam where they send you a (fake) money order with “extra” money and ask you to refund the extra to them.

Or it’s a fake money order. The scammers are impressive.

Do you make them pay for insurance too, or if they destroy the timeshare you’re directly out any money for repairs?

The last time I went there they asked for a credit card at check in. I assume that would cover that sort of thing.

This is why I use sites like for rentals. I have zero desire to deal with some potential scammer. Not saying redweek prevents that, but the odds are much less. Also, they partnered up with an escrow company that is pretty flexible.

Postal M.O. looks legit, holograms and all. Will the P.O. cash it for $800?

In my experience no one is dumb enough to fake a postal MO. That’s messing with the wrong people.

you can check the validity here:

The following are the USPS regulations on cashing MO: (you might need these if a PO clerk doesn’t know the rules):

314.1 Cashing Domestic Postal Money Orders

[Revise 314.1 to read as follows:]

Domestic postal money orders are cashed at Post Offices and postal retail units regardless of the issue date. The following nine items outline Postal Service policy and the minimum requirements for cashing postal money orders:

1> Verify that the customer’s name and address is on the money order.

2> Verify that the money order is not on the Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms list, provided in the most recent issue of the Postal Bulletin.

3> Ensure that the customer signs the money order in the presence of the Postal Service accepting employee.

4> Request to see photo-bearing identification that also contains the customer’s signature (see section 312.3). The employee must record the identification number on the face of the money order.

5> Verify that the signature on the customer’s identification matches the signature on the money order. Do not cash the check if the signatures do not match or if the money order appears altered.

6> The employee may accept the verified signature of the payee or purchaser shown on the money order with exceptions for the following conditions:

a. A customer who cannot write may sign by using a mark and a non-Postal Service employee witness will provide a photo-bearing identification (see section 312.3) and sign the money order.

b. For a money order payable to a minor, the father or mother as natural guardian, must provide photo-bearing identification and sign the money order.

c. For a money order payable to a person when declared incompetent by a court, the legal guardian or other duly authorized person may sign and cash the money order. A copy of an appropriate proof of authority must be submitted and filed at the local postal unit.

d. Use of a title (e.g., Mrs., M.D.) is not required in signing a money order for payment if such title is used on the face of the money order.

e. A money order addressed to more than one payee is paid to either payee if the conjunction “or” is used to connect the payees. If no conjunction is used, then all listed payees must sign the money order in the presence of the accepting employee and provide photo-bearing identifications (see section 312.3).

f. A customer with a power of attorney may sign and cash the money order for a payee who gave the person that authority. A copy of power of attorney must be submitted and filed at the local postal unit.

g. An executor or court-appointed administrator of the estate may sign and cash a money order payable to a deceased person, provided that a copy of that appointment is submitted and filed at the local postal unit.

7> Money orders are cashed only in the exact amount imprinted up to the authorized maximum amount.

8> A money order with more than one endorsement is invalid, except under 6.e.

9> Postal money orders payable to a business firm, an organization, a society, an institution, a government agency, a corporation (LLC or other), or a partnership will not be cashed at the Post Offices or postal retail units. These money orders can be deposited or negotiated at their bank or financial institution.

If you’re already signed the MO you’re probably wasting your time trying to cash it at the PO, better to just deposit it at a bank you hold an account at.

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Says, No information is available for serial number.

That’s showing for the ones I just bought too. Nothing to be alarmed about there.

Postal money orders are useless for cashing at the P.O. Went to two post offices to cash the M.O. and neither would because they didn’t have the cash. What’s the point of getting paid in a M.O. if you can’t cash it at the source?

They’ve become a way for people unable or unwilling to get a checking account to pay for things in a relatively secure way. I’ve never seen one cashed successfully either, fwiw.

The big scam I can think of would be for the buyer to snap a picture of the front of one and then the back of another and deposit it while mailing the real one to an unknowing person. Get that thing cleared asap @atikovi