I-Bonds Discussion Thread (continuation of the FW thread)

That didn’t really inspire confidence in me that when I need to wire money out perhaps over a year from now I would be able to do it. So I just used TD.

Noobs buying at the beginning of the month?! :rofl:


Whose access/interface sucks? TD’s? It just takes some getting used to (not using the browser’s back and forward navigation also takes some getting used to).

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Grzzled veterans not waiting to enter their buy orders for the end of the month…

It says they’re turning the site off for schedule maintenance at midnight so they can catch up with all the new accounts. It let me make a trust account just now but still can’t log in to fund…

Got in just now and bought another 10k. That was more painful than trying to buy concert tickets.


I Bond Composite Rate of 6.89% includes a Fixed Rate of 0.40%


Fixed is not as high as I expected but not a zero either


Here’s why https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/01/treasury-department-sold-record-series-i-bonds-on-friday.html

Wish I hadn’t maxed out, but maybe T Bills here I come.

I was expecting zero so pleasantly surprised.

Five-year tips real rate is 1.6% today and six month Tbill is 4.6%.

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I bow to your wisdom / vision, even though you didn’t exactly explain why you expected it to be non-zero. It makes little sense considering the demand (even if it was for the previous period) and the fact that there’s nothing better.

Manufactured Revocable Trusts!?

hard enough for me to handle my familys 4 SSNs.+ don’t want to deal with issues w/ Treasury. Don’t mind churning with private banks but not US Govt.

It’s neither illegal nor immoral IMO. At the very least you can have 2 individual and one joint trust without churning.


I agree with the article

I like both investments, and I will continue to buy both.

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