Is Covid-19 a used car buying opportunity?

both are really and suffer from NIMBY. I worked in West TX for a while and the joke was what’s that black stuff in the air… Money!

I agree with this, wholly. I have no problem with price gouging. The complainers are ill-prepared [your lack of preperation …]

My entire point was that both the Warren’s and the non-high-cheek-boneheads are happy to jump on big oil and anyone else not contributing to their campaign as:
Killing the economy
Causing inflation
Taking money out of blah blah
Blah, Blah, Blah.

However, I can’t figure out why they haven’t jumped on the new car price bandwagon. It’s not like they have a big lobby contributing to the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. At least, I don’t think they do.

Because their core constituency is riding public transportation, not buying new cars? And unlike big oil with their billions of annual profits, car manufacturers have been known to flirt with bankruptcy - the optics arent nearly as good to beat them up when there are so many much more obvious targets. And there is a big lobby involved, which is why the whole dealer-based sales model has remained intact.


Well I think you mostly want to build refineries where the oil is right? So makes sense the refineries are in TX and Alaska more than not. Also when you’ve got a lot of oil and a large oil industry then you’re more likely to be supportive of the oil industry because your jobs are at stake.

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Since Covid-19 has been de-masked, it appears used car prices are heading down from their Covid assisted orbit.

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And how long before we hear about the need to bail out the used car sellers, who had purchased their cars at those orbital prices? If we’re using the logic that the $50k student loan wasnt worth the education it paid for and thus should be forgiven, surely that same logic also applies to those who used a $30k loan to buy a car that turns out to only be worth $15k.


happened with homes, so why not :wink: ? I did sell my 2010 highlander with two accidents 160K miles for $9k. Dealer flipped it for $12.5K a month later!