Isn't the ACH system mostly automated?

Well, yeah. But in preparation for my CD’s maturity, I first looked at all available transfer options and limits. That’s when I found interior’s fee to push funds out.

I didn’t mean to imply you should, or have to, use their system at all. But if you do use their system, you’ll pay a fee.

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I think the addition of fees for faster service is fine. I’ve seen some of this from other systems. Paypal for example can transfer money for free via slow ACH or charge you a few $ for same day or even instant transfer. I’m fine with this although that kinda sound like the ACH vs wire transfer options already existing, albeit a bit cheaper than wire transfers.

But all this is hard to reconcile with free Zelle, Venmo, etc. existing instant transfers. If these services can be made to work without fees, why should there be interchange fees for slower (same day instead of instant) ACH transfers or even slower ACH transfers.

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I don’t think any of you took up Unify FCU CD offer 19 months ago. A pretty decent No-Penalty with add-on ability. Easy California offer.

The CD matures 7/24, a sizable number of $$ will be available to place someplace. I’m thinking of trying to use a wire transfer. Probably wire straight to Keesler.

Next big problem is those HIMMA Plus accounts now will be over the insurance level.

Checking, Keesler is AA rated. Any good ideas?

The other reason ACH is slow is that the banks are basically unpaid IRS revenue collectors.

They are supposed to spy on all the transactions and report any “suspicious” activity… I.E. terrorism, drug dealing, money laundering, tax evasion, large cash deposits, etc.

If they don’t report the transactions they can get in trouble with the Feds, so many of them take extra precaution.

The Fed themselves are working on an instant system. The banks just don’t wanna.

If the fed can make a real time transfer sysetm then this must be possible without “big brother spying on us” being a factor.

This appears to be correct. If not the Fed then some other ACH service provider. Am asserting that because:

So far this week I have successfully completed two ACH transactions on a same day basis. I have a third such transaction in process right now, hoping again once more for same day service so I can avoid losing interest over the weekend.

I initiate the transfers (they are ACH pulls) fairly early in the morning, ET, at an institution (Keesler) operating on CT. My money is credited at roughly 3:30 pm ET (plus or minus) on the same day. The money is being removed from the account being debited, at another financial institution, at roughly 5:30 pm ET, again on the same day.

I’m really liking this same day ACH service so far. It is a very new experience for me and there obviously could be bumps in the road going forward. But so far so good as I climb the learning curve on (what is for me) a new experience and a new higher level of ACH service. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is the ACH transfer limit allowed at Keesler?

One of my largest CD’s matured this past Saturday. I probably should have used the wire system to make the transfer out of that credit union. With one big swoop!

So here I am still in the process of trying to move those funds into Keesler.

I think what you’re seeing is something different than the Fed plan I menteioned before.

NACHA has been phasing in same day ACH for a while, see :

Same Day ACH: Moving Payments Faster (Phase 3) | Nacha.

The Fed plan was for instant ACH. They haven’t done that yet or started anything AFAIK, and it was just a proposal.

BTW, I don’t know anything much about this stuff as I don’t work in banking or anything… I’m just googling things.


I actually have been used to Alliant next day ACH transfers.

Yesterday I received a rude awakening when I made a usual TIAA transfer push. In recent days it had been “transfer today, see funds next day”.

No new funds showing. Everything looked ok, where are my funds? Made calls and told, wait for 2-3 days. Today, 2 days later, funds showing.

New for me, I think more changes coming. What is happening??

I think in all likelihood you are correct. But this stuff is all so new for me I’m unable to be certain about anything.


As one who successfully played the float over many, many years in the past, I gotta tell you:

Anyone who tries those shenanigans today is plumb loco!

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@pattyb53 Hopefully this was just a glitch or a fluke but with all the changes that Alliant has recently implemented, it worries me that there this could be a sign of another negative change.

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Yeah same day transaction kill that, even if interest rates on float did not. Instant transactions like Zelle or a potential Fed system would be the final nail in the coffin for traditional weekend float tricks.

Rude awakening this morning when checking on an ACH transfer conducted yesterday. Expecting to see those funds posted on my Alliant CU account today. I actually had planned to complete a Bill Pay transaction. Thank goodness I have a few days to spare on that bill.

What happened to overnight ACH transfers? Checking with TIAA Bank I’m told to wait for a couple more days. Blunders abound…

Blame it on Biden. :blush:

Interestingly enough, I added a new account two days ago via Plaid(rather than test deposits). Everything went fine with adding it that way. I then scheduled a transfer yesterday evening for transfer today. Just got an email from Alliant that the transfer failed and I was assessed a $15 fee. They could not explain it when I called in and reversed the fee. They suggested I add the account again the manual way with trial deposits. I hope this doesn’t affect my transfer limits.

It seems that something is just not right with Alliant lately.

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I tried several times to add accounts to alliant via plaid a few weeks ago. Always failed during the process and I ended up doing trial deposits. Sounds like it’s still broken, just differently.