Las Vegas shooting - Oct 1 2017

it was horrible, I heard he had cameras set up and ended himself before police came in.

Reports are saying he held a few rental properties and was just living off retirement savings and passive income in a 55+ community in Nevada. He liked to blow off steam in gambling in Vegas and was well known to some of the casinos there. He ran around with an Asian girlfriend and liked Taco Bell burritos.

Scary that he sounds more like one of us than the worst mass murderer in US history…

I think the girlfriend is Asian or more specifically, Filipino. Also, it’s Mesquite, TX and not Nevada.

You’re right about the GF… she is in the Philippines visiting family. I believe he lived in Mesquite, TX then moved to Mesquite, NV.

Ah, gotcha. I thought he lived in TX still, and was only about an hour and a half from Vegas.

Spent an hour in Cabela’s today. I go in once every two weeks at off hours on weekdays (2:00pm).

By far the biggest crowd I’ve seen at the gun section for a Monday at 2:00. Lots of people holding deli numbers waiting for an CSR. I’ve never seen a line like that other than on weekends.

Just an observation.

This might be the last time I go to Vegas. Reports are that all major casinos are likely to implement a TSA type screening. Hard pass.

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So I’m not usually one to speculate, but this seems mighty strange. I am not implying a conspiracy theory, but why has bodycam footage, hotel room photos (one including the guy’s dead body), etc. being released so soon? Meanwhile, there’s not really much released of Sandy Hook or the Orlando club. Seems strange to me. What do you all think the objective is here? Is the media finally coming around and trying to expose how horrible of a situation these shootings are?

Now it seems he had somewhere around 20 firearms in the room, and from the looks of it, a TON of ammo (many magazines piled up everywhere, and empty brass everywhere). Also, his girlfriend who was traveling at the time of the shooting, and was written off as not important, is now back in the states and is supposedly all of the sudden important.

Occam’s razor. LV police are easier to pay off than other cops. Not some big conspiracy.


Big difference between released and leaked, unless you’re suggesting a higher-up in the department made a conscious decision for it to be public. More likely it just comes down to who had access to the material and culture of the department.

Could be completely wrong here, but I’d think one of the “perks” of being a Vegas cop is getting to see some pretty crazy stuff and with that comes a strong temptation to share pictures of that kind of stuff with other cops and maybe one-up each other a little. You probably get to a point where it’s routine to text your buddy pictures when they find a tiger in Mike Tyson’s hotel room (or whatever). If there’s any basis in fact here, then it makes sense LV would have more inadvertent leaks than say Sandy Hook, although you’d think the same logic would apply to Orlando too.

I know on the “where to go after FWF closes” thread someone mentioned doing a FWF meetup in Vegas sometime. Maybe this might be a good time to support the city.

An article with more details on the guy, his life, etc. more questions than answers, as expected.