Legit lawyer experienced in suing credit bureaus to clean up my credit file

Does anybody have a recommendation for a lawyer with this kind of experience ?
Id rather have a name than some random google search. Got some stuff posting weong dates n amounts. I disputed it. Which was a sham waste of time. Ive spent enough time reading up on this. Id rather just write a check now and not have to think about it.

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Did you just not dispute it correctly? What happened when you disputed it? I don’t think a lawyer is what you want here.


Can you provide some more specifics about what’s wrong with your credit file? Is there a particular reason you need it to be fixed in a short amount of time?

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What state do you live in?

I think you have this backwards. If you’ve already disputed clearly inaccurate information and it was not corrected, you want a lawyer who will secure a check written to you.


I disputed the date and the amount. They claimed on my CR that
“ Charged off as bad debt
Dispute resolved; reported by grantor” provided no information other than that.
Obviously its wrong or i wouldn’t have bothered to dispute it.

I dont need this fixed in a hurry. I just hate illegal behavior. Then add its negative effects … ugh. Sooner its corrected though the less ill have to deal with it.

Sorry. Write a check to the lawyer to deal with this. Not write a check to the CR.

Ive got maybe hundreds of hours reading up on all the laws n strategies. (CN47 … ect)
There was a time when my attention span could do that to correct the issues. Those days are long gone.
Hence the request for somebody proficient in this type of battle.

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I feel your pain. You could try filing a complaint with the CFPB, but it will end up like this:

Consumer complaint says X. Bank says not X. That settles that. Closing.

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Sorry, I mean that lawyers proficient in this will work on contingency, and just take a cut of what the CRA pays you.

Unless you meant “write a check” in figuratively, as in you want to hire someone to do it for you, as opposed to literally writing them a check.

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What does that mean you disputed the date and the amount? The debt itself is legitimate, you’re just disputing the date and amount? How far off is the amount?

Does it really matter how much its off ? The date is more important but the amount is off too. They are required by law to furnish accurate information.

I live in NY state.

I understand lawyers will take cases like this on contingency. Then we suffer the fate of the lawyer saying well uh gee is this worth my time or not. If there money is guaranteed upfront … most would accept i think.

How many FCRA violations we talkin? Just the one?

I figure the more the merrier. Just google “consumer protection lawyer in new york”. Probably all of them will be legit. I’d also guess that something this common is probably done by a cheap intern or paralegal.


Ah. So you’re trying to go for a 3x FCRA violation huh? I think the question about the amount was more toward, “if it’s off by $5, who cares since it’s a valid debt?”

But now it makes sense. Unsure why you’re being defensive about it though. We’re just trying to gather more info to be able to give a better suggestion.


I used Krohn & Moss for mine. They’re a nation-wide firm that does credit dispute litigation. They rely on form-driven complaints (I’m sure they’ve seen it all) and you’ll get a settlement in a few months after they file. I think they took about 50% and gave me a check for around 3200.


The National Association of Consumer Advocates has an attorney directory. Was very pleased with the lawyer I found on it several years ago: https://www.consumeradvocates.org/

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Thank you all for the help.

It matters because many lawyers actually want to spend their time helping people fix their problems. They don’t want to spend their time arguing that the report should say 1,000, not 1,005. Even if there may be some money in it for them. So, if you’re asking this community for recommendations, we need to understand what you’re looking for. I doubt many, or anyone, here would fault you for wanting to make money off this, but arguing a technical violation is not the same as arguing something where you have actual damages.

There is no such thing as guaranteed money in a contingency case. In fact, there’s no such thing as guaranteed money even in an hourly project. Even if it was actually guaranteed, most legit, experienced lawyers wouldn’t accept a case just because there is guaranteed money, without taking into account other factors.


page C47!


Jaymark. Do you see this ^^^^^ ?
This is what i thought would happen. Somebody sticking their nose in to scold me.

I guess two things here. Firstly … murder is a “trchnical” violation of the murder statue. So there is that.
Secondly its guaranteed money because id be paying up front. If i wasnt clear enough ill try harder. And if you think lawyers wont do stupid stuff for money … especially money upfront … then i think you dont know lawyers very well.

That being said. Im in no hurry because im not looking to buy anything soon. But there will come a time when i might want my credit report to be accurate since it will effect the loan terms and or if i can even get one. Besides … its still their responsibility to list correct information. I want it correct !!!