Maxing out health insurance - deductible met

Mine too! Makes me nervous I’m missing something.

A lot of doctors seem resistant to treating low T. “Your levels are low but normal for your age. Live with it.”

negatory. i decided in my late 20s to get my hormone levels checked at least annually to establish a baseline for future reference. when things start heading south i will inject, doctor approved or not.

This thread is a great demonstration of why cost-sharing in healthcare is stupid

going to avoid discussing in detail but quick comment - cost-sharing has its problems but its nothing compared with problems like removing prices from the decision making process.

good idea thx

already done. i spend a lot of time in doctors offices ;(

already done this too and i have it to some extent, can’t tolerate CPAP though. i do have chronic fatigue so i’m considering what other related tests i can get done.

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Have you been tested for hypochondria? :wink:


I just wanted some action in the bee hole.

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Are you female, or is this a new thing for men, kind of like manbuns?

no and maybe but i don’t think it has much overlap with ‘manbuns’. it 100% should be a standard practice, i’m just on the leading edge

Testing for and supplementing low testosterone is a thing now, but it’s rare to be necessary in healthy young men,


Okey dokey, and in hindsight, I realize that the manbuns thing could be considered rude. I only meant it as a “thing” that I never thought would be a “thing”.

Now that I understand what it is, I remember hearing lots of ads for “The [city name] Men’s Clinic”, where I believe they offered guaranteed results or the procedure is free. Of course, that’s also a “thing” that I never thought would be a “thing”. Who knew there was enough of a client base?

Good luck.

Aha! So it is a “thing”. :smile: