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I hope you sent them an enormous invoice with an inexplicable description. Also include a phone number for questions that gets sent into a 30 minute hold of advertisements for your services, along with the obligatory “Your call is very important to us”.


Doesn’t the colonoscopy Dr evaluate the results anyway? For instance, you could walk with the video of the endoscopy on some removable media, but if you’re clean, they’ll just send a short note to your primary care Dr. saying “we didn’t find anything,” or whatever.

scripta writes

So you’re too cheap for $60/yr membership, but you buy an enzyme supplement that hasn’t been proven to have any benefits?

Diet is a hugely controversial issue perhaps more so than politics. There are some Gary Taube fanatics, perhaps you? who will swear up and down that bacon is a Health Food. LOL. When pressed they will bring forth many studies that they claim corroborate their view.

Suffice it to say that I have studied CoQ10 and seen the its effects on people in my family so that I see fit to spend my money on it.

Questioning the way other people spend their money is a fool’s errand.

Apparently you are OK with spending $60.00 a year for the privilege of shopping in a store. A store that as a deliberate corporate strategy makes it hard for you to shop there by not labeling the aisles with the items in them and actually moving them around periodically so you have to walk around the store. They think this gets their customers to buy a bunch of impulse items.

But if that is your wont then I say go for it. But that’s not for me.

They sell gift cards and let you use them in their stores without being a member. If they did not want this to happen they would not sell them.

I split membership with a buddy, so it’s $30/yr to me. They have better prices on the groceries I buy than anywhere else, so the membership pays for itself many times over.

I was told I have to go to the customer service desk to get a temporary pass before I could enter the store and spend the cash cards. Is this what you have to do each time you go?

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