Mortgage prequal incentives?

Need a mortgage prequal letter to even sign up for a home wait list here in PHX. Excellant credit and I can go thru the big banks where I have accounts. I

I might not even need to use it depending on what happens with our current home sale.
But I was wondering if there are any incentives out there for the credit pull hit similar to CC (eg. I got a 500 Lowes card from PenFed for a HELOC)

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why are you selling your home? cash out refi and rent it out! I hear PHX had a dramatic rise in both prices and rents.

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Where did he say he was selling? He’s asking for a prequal for buying, no?


oops. fail


need a bigger place. Might rent it though. Need the prequal just to get on the new waitlist

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Waitlist for what?

need a bigger place, trying to cash in on the highers prices. New place won’t be ready and has waitlist of buyers. There is such a shortage that you can stay after selling for 6 mo.s and hedge

This doesn’t make sense if you’re selling and buying at the same time… unless you mean tax-free cap gains.

I often forget other states don’t have the property tax increase limits like we have in CA…