Moving from FL to CA what to do with S corp?

I have an S corp that I opened about 8 years ago in FL, when I was on a project that did corp to corp. 3 years ago I got on another project but it’s a W2 only and I’ve stayed W2 since. Now I’m moving to CA and will stay on W2. While I was still in FL for the past 3 years I kept submitting all paperwork and filings like 941 etc just with 0 employees and kept the S corp active.

Question is what do I do now since I’m moving to CA with the S corp in FL?

I probably won’t have a need for an S corp for the next two years at least.

Either keep doing what you’re doing to keep it going, or dissolve it and start over if you need it again.

Do I not need an FL address to keep doing what I’ve been doing to keep S corp in active status, even though there’s no activity?

May I be the first to welcome you to CA.

If you’re a CA resident you’re going to want to brush up on your CA out of state/in state taxation laws. You really don’t want to do any business outside of CA without knowing more about it. Since you’re probably not going to do anything with the S corp you won’t really have anything to worry about, but you might if somehow you took a job and passed it through the S-Corp in the future.

A quick google search returned this:

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Check Florida’s laws, but you probably need a registered agent/office in the state to accept service of process. If you aren’t already, you can pay a company ~$100/yr to act as your registered agent.

You should also check to make sure you aren’t “doing business” (term of art) in California which would subject you to filing requirements, minimum taxes, etc. Usually having a partner or S Corp shareholder residing in the state does not subject the entity to registration/filing requirements in that state, but it’s something you should look into for California given the $800 min tax.

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