Navy Federal CU $25 Referral and 0% BT offer

NFCU emailed a monthly promotion of $25 for referrer and $25 for new account holder referred.

An existing member puts in email of “friends or family” and the applicant applies referencing access number and last name of referrer.

There is also a 12 month 0% no-fee balance transfer offer for all new and existing credit cards (through 2-28-18).

“Navy Federal membership is open to all members of the armed forces, DoD civilian employees, contractors, and retirees, veterans and their families.”


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If this is really for existing card members, I am going to kiss you.

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Does a referral get you around the membership requirements?

A simple thanks will suffice.

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I have 2 credit card ACH Payments on hold initiated at NFCU. Does anyone know how many days they keep credit card payments on hold for? I am trying to free up my line and take advantage of the new existing BT offer that expires on 2/28. The payments posted last thursday and another last friday. Still on hold today (tuesday) the payments did clear my bank.

How new is your account.
Some credit unions like a 6 month history with new members.

About 5 years, no issues.

That’s strange.
I would probably either wait until 5 business days has gone or call and hopefully get an immediate answer.

Hey! How about NFCU’s free CARFAX offer! Is that a nice benefit or what!!

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One day for me. Call them.

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I called and they took the time to call my bank and verify the transactions with me on the phone. Incredible extraordinary customer service. I love NFCU.

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