Obamacare - practical discussion

I guess the penalty really is a tax after all.

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Two things to remember - the ACA, with all it’s flaws, is still way better than the old system where insurers could and would kick you to the curb if you had a condition they didn’t feel like insuring.

Second, I never saw the R’s agree on a replacement. All they wanted to do was get rid of it because of Obama or whatever, and folks rightly saw that there was nothing that could help any better than what we had.

If you had continuing coverage under the old system, that wasn’t true. There were also high risk pools where you could get coverage, but those cost something close to your real health costs, so they weren’t really much for insurance.

The ACA is basically the same thing, just with tons of taxpayer money shoveled in - a toxic high risk pool and a bunch of poor people getting free low end care. The ACA could have worked well if they had extended it to the whole government staff and all the employer covered plans, but of course no one would vote for worse choice and worse coverage, so the tiny 5% pool or whatever now isn’t big enough to be financially sustainable without huge subsidies.

Second, I never saw the R’s agree on a replacement.

Yeah. The old system worked pretty well, but with problems at the margins. The new one is the same - now they pretend you have coverage only you can’t actually get appointments or good doctors. Remember Obamacare was about increasing the insurance coverage stats, not reducing costs or making healthcare “more affordable”, neither of which it has done.

Healthcare costs are going up, and more hikes in insurance premiums and care costs in the pipeline from all the inflation.


…and your “coverage” requires you to first pay a $7k deductable before most things are covered at all.

Uh … what … the hail you say!! I distinctly recall hearing the anointed one saying that his plan would reduce healthcare premiums by up to $2500. I realize that “up to” is a marketing term, but presume the anointed one wouldn’t stoop so low as to purposely mislead people.

I also recall his “promise” that Obamacare would never add to the deficit.

Granted, he had a problem with the truth, or understanding, but how can you say it wasn’t supposed to make healthcare more affordable. It certainly has for the people that now have someone else paying for their health insurance.

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