Old car In accident question. Scrap ? Fix?

Well I just got t-boned at an intersection today. I have liability only so if they rule in my favor they insurance company may write me a check. Probably maybe 3-4k. It is honda civic EXL with 120k miles on it in fair shape (has dents, scratches, stains, ) I used it for work vehicle for house flipping. Car drives 100% fine but both passenger side doors are dented heavily on outside( can’t tell from inside) and the body/frame is dented in. Worth fixing or should i scrape it or sell it for 500-1000.

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Worth fixing? No. Most likely there is actual body work required, not just as simple as going to the junkyard and buying a door and swapping it.

Can you drive it without any repairs or very minimal repairs? If it’s possible and safe to do so, this may be your best option if you want to have a cheap vehicle for a few more years.

It drives 100% fine but it is kind of an eye sore. Doors that were hit don’t open at all and the door seems shifted to the point that it will leak in heavy rain. Kind of getting it maybe a scrap. I have gotten 1k offer for it that I may take.

It was only worth about 3k at best mostly since it wasn’t in great condition anyway. Have a gut feeling the body work and doors and paint job would easily be more than 3k.

If the pillar is bent I would scrap it, if just needs doors and dont care about appearance might be worth fix

Thanks. Yeah based on wikipedia B,C and maybe A are bent.

You didn’t say the year, but if the damage is enough, the other insurance company may total it and take it. If the buyback is less than 1k and you’ve got a firm offer of 1k, do the buyback and then sell it. Just make sure the potential buyer is still willing to offer 1k even if it has a salvage title.

2008 civic . I guess it’s not really about the money but lots of good memories in that car. Hate to see it go :joy: Thanks for the advice.

How are you expensing the car taxwise? If you are taking mileage, then it might not be worth keeping it. If you are expensing actual costs and few miles, then it might be better to keep and repair it and write off some or all of the repair costs.

If you decide to get something new, December 31 is considered by many the best day of the year to get a new vehicle

A day I love to go car shopping is Christmas Eve. I don’t celebrate Christmas and on my last car, I showed up at 2 pm and waited and thought till about 7 pm. Only the finance manager and general manager were there. Their wives were calling every 10 minutes about when they were going to come home. Every time they put me in the box, I called friends and wished them Merry Christmas and then kept the managers waiting. It is the only day where waiting works in your favor. I got that car for so cheap and they were so mad but it was worth it. Brings a smile to my face every Christmas.