One time CC bonus point deal, what have you got lately?

Got a pretty standard CITI 5% offer for $500 purchase. I got a 10% offer last year for $250 purchase so not the best I seen from CITI.

Also just today got a Wells Fargo 10 point / $400 Grocery store offer.

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CITI ThankYou just emailed another offer for 25% more point till 4/30/2021.

10% extra bonus on every online purchase up to $250 on Citi Dividend until 04/31/20. Probably gonna use it on amazon gift card to max that out since I was gonna max the 5% bonus this quarter anyway.

Also from Citi TY, 5% on groceries, gas, drugstore, mass transit & commuter transportation until 5/31/20 up to $500 of purchases. Decent but the only one it does not overlap with being gas and transportation, both of which are currently basically limited to my mower gas (and I have less than 1/2 acre lot). Not very exciting overall.

Chase Freedom card is offering $200 cash back after $500 spend during the first 3 months. Available to individuals that don’t currently have this card and haven’t received a bonus from this card in the past 24 months.