Stimulus payment question - 2019 taxes filed after payment received

I received my <$100 check using 2018 taxes. But my 2019 are finally filed and actually had a $15k lower AGI (so, about $700 less phaseout)…

I thought we’d get the rest if 2019 was lower, but it wasn’t in the HR Block software, anyways… Anyone know how this works? Automatically updates?

Edit:Why the Economic Impact Payment amount could be different than anticipated | Internal Revenue Service

Looks like it will be 2020 tax filing and I should be able to get the difference then?

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Why would it be in the 2019 return software? It’s a 2020 credit.


Because I’m dumb, and had been assuming it was a 2019 credit since it’s supposed to be based on 2019 income level. deletes thread


In my case, it was reverse 2018 income was much lower than 2019. so I didn’t file till today.

Hope they don’t do a takeback/adjustment in 2020?

Well played.

According to my best understanding, there will be no clawback. You received your stimulus payment and you keep it.


Great, we were hoping the 2nd payment would be released by 10/15 but oh well… For once the later bird got the worm!

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Kudos to those who had a 2019 return that was worse from a stimulus perspective than 2018 and held off filing as long as possible, there is no clawback function for this stimulus.

Even though I filed in Feb 2020 for 2019, IRS did not use my 2019 return (which was better for stimulus than 2018 return) so I have to wait until filing in early 2021 for 2020 to get any difference I am owed. I don’t know if the expected second stimulus would be any better (in using the 2019 return). Such nonsense.

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Yeah I wanted to wait out for stimulus II but didn’t want to deal with late penalties