Tesla Raffle (2015 Model S) $5

5 tickets for $20


You can also enter for free by writing name and address on a “2” x 3” piece of 67 lb. Vellum Bristol Cover paper in white paper color”

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They’re raffling a used car?


From the raffle sponsor:

"The car currently has 69k miles on it and we are driving it locally about 10 miles a week to show it.

The car is in good condition, no accidents reported on the Carfax. We purchased from Tesla.com and they went through it all. They installed a new 12 volt battery before we picked it up. It was registered in California with two owners.

The warranty is from Tesla as follows:

This Used Vehicle Extended Limited Warranty provides coverage for 2 years or up to a maximum of 100,000 total miles (160,000 total km) on the vehicle’s odometer, whichever comes first."

Huh, fly to NY to drive it back. Could be quite an adventure.

interesting. So according to terms, if the vehicle is destroyed, they will give winner $5000.

Looks like they cant sell the Tesla S.

This is a provision to ensure there is a prize and the raffle proceeds don’t have to be returned. Such a provision can be seen in many raffle type offerings.

A bunch of photos were posted on the site.

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Gosh, Rogers.

For a few moments I thought this was Canadian, specifically within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). But

Nope. Different Rogers. :grinning:



  1. f.) FREE ENTRY:

On paper to match an official Raffle
ticket, (2” x 3” piece of 67 lb. Vellum Bristol Cover paper in white paper color), hand write your name, mailing
address, phone and email address (optional), and mail to: Friends of Rogers Electric Car Raffle, PO Box 932,
Sherburne, NY 13460, to be postmarked by 10/14/20 and received by 10/20/20.

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2015 S probably doesn’t have AP. which really lowers price. https://ev-cpo.com/hunter/