The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war (Part 1)

Yeah. The “unfair persecution” of Trump and Flynn for their illegal activities was worse than the Holocaust, right?

But you’re on-point for the QOP’s sole campaign narrative for 2022 and 2024…

Free protection, making money off it, keeping them out of the bathrooms:
“The Secret Service is reportedly spending nearly $35,000 to rent portable toilets at Trump’s Bedminster golf club…”

  • Secret Service agents are reportedly spending nearly $35,000 to rent toilets at Trump’s golf club.
  • Trump is spending the summer at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, Insider previously reported.
  • He previously charged Secret Service agents to use a room at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The Secret Service is spending $34,140 to rent portable toilets in Bedminster, New Jersey, where former President Donald Trump is staying over the summer…

The expense report…says the rental bathroom trailers are from Imperial Restrooms of Saugerties, New York, cost about $8,500 a month, and will remain in Bedminster through September.

The Washington Post reported in January that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner did not allow their Secret Service detail to use any of the six bathrooms at the couple’s home in the wealthy Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, DC.

The report said that since September 2017, taxpayers spent about $140,000 to rent a nearby basement studio apartment so the agents could use the bathroom.

While former US presidents enjoy Secret Service protections for the rest of their lives, it’s uncommon for them to charge rent to their security details.

Since he left office, Trump has charged the US government at least $40,000 for Secret Service agents to use a single room at his Mar-a-Lago resort, The Washington Post reported.

The war on Republicans violent domestic extremists has already started with Biden’s extrajudicial domestic spying efforts and plans to ramp up with even more fear mongering.

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday issued a new warning bulletin, alerting Americans that domestic extremists may well use violence on the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre. This was at least the fourth such bulletin issued this year by Homeland Security (DHS) warning of the same danger and, thus far, none of the fears it is trying to instill into the American population has materialized.

The first was a January 14 warning, from numerous federal agencies including DHS, about violence in Washington, DC and all fifty state capitols that was likely to explode in protest of Inauguration Day (a threat which did not materialize). Then came a January 27 bulletin warning of “a heightened threat environment across the United States that is likely to persist over the coming weeks” from “ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority” (that warning also was not realized). Then there was a May 14 bulletin warning of right-wing violence “to attack higher-capacity targets,” exacerbated by the lifting of COVID lockdowns (which also never happened). And now we are treated to this new DHS warning about domestic extremists preparing violent attacks over Tulsa…

I’m pretty sure almost nobody even knew it was going to be the 100th anniversary of Tulsa’s race riots until Biden started talking them up (let alone planned terrorist attacks based on this).


""He was captured in videos and photos knocking over several officers as he attempted to storm the Capitol. Among the officers he assaulted was a female cop, who fell and hit her head on “the stairs behind her, resulting in a loss of consciousness,” according to a criminal complaint.

A Tuesday filing opposing his latest request to be released from jail pending trial alleges that the Capitol riot was hardly Samsel’s first instance of violence. Prosecutors say that since 2006 there’s been “a pattern of Samsel choking and beating women to the point of loss of consciousness, of many hospital visits for many victims, of chipped and missing teeth, and of Samsel even breaking into one victim’s home multiple times to assault her.”"

““There is an outstanding warrant for Samsel’s arrest based on this conduct in New Jersey. Samsel was not only wanted on that warrant at the time of the offense conduct in this case, but he was also still on parole for the 2011 conviction described above,” the motion states.””

You underestimate Tucker’s Terrorists

Not true!

I’m an average “everyday American”, I never heard of the “100 years Tulsa

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Probably related to this, just came out tonight.

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Facebook & Instagram accounts have been restored

Edit - fake news apparently.

Lmao. Yeah, they’re not going to intentionally spread propaganda from a domestic terrorist…

The long shadow of civil rights bureaucrats and the modern intolerant workplace. A long, interesting read on politics and what might be done about it.

Recent controversy over Critical Race Theory training, like the debate about whether standardized tests are racist, misses the larger point that the entire concept of a full-time bureaucracy having to micromanage people’s work lives is a creation of government.

Getting rid of disparate impact and narrowly defining what “hostile work environment” means or even eliminating the concept entirely will not change the culture overnight. Things have already gone too far, and it took about half a century to go from the color blind ideals most Americans thought they were signing up for with the Civil Rights Act to a world of “birthing parents” and “white fragility.”

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Just evidence of over regulation of firearms. Should have been a different “good” 12 year old with a gun to take care of these two rather than a police shootout.

What does this story have to do with politics?

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Looks like the Biden and Democrat legislative agenda isn’t going to get railroaded through after all. Further guidance from the senate parliamentarian is a fair bit more limited than it was originally, so all sorts of non-budget items would have to be stripped out of the infrastructure bill and in addition the reconciliation couldn’t be used just to avoid the filibuster.

Not coincidentally, today Biden is now pitching a slimmed down infrastructure bill to try to get Republican support, including fewer taxes and less spending.

Although the Senate parliamentarian, the nonpartisan official who gives guidance about what is permitted, has indicated that lawmakers could technically use the same budget resolution to pass additional legislation, her subsequent guidance has indicated that could be cumbersome and run into procedural challenges, according to a copy of the ruling viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

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Wonderful news! There is hope for our country.

Durham investigation has been revealed a joke

Trump haters are gonna love this one:

Durham: Last of the big time spenders (LMAO)

The joke is on Trump. I would offer this unsolicited counsel to the Trumpster:

President Trump, it’s a really big country with lots of very smart people throughout. When you choose a person to head an investigation into your political enemies, consider choosing an individual from one of the many places in America where you are popular. Avoid picking a gink from New England, where you are hated.

It’s just a thought, Mr. President. Or maybe you erroneously believe the person you choose will enjoy being detested and ostracized, as you are today in New York City. Durham is not about to sacrifice his, and/or his wife’s, social life for you. He is not willing to become an outcast in his home region in service to you, or as sole reward for revealing the truth regarding your persecution by the very same sorts of people who are in his social circle.

Pick someone from a region friendly to you, Mr. Trump. You will come out ahead.


Trump’s dilemma is that he does not, or at least he did not, know many people from regions of this country friendly to him. His circle included many New York people and, even worse, some New Englanders and “corridor” people.

I wonder whether Trump today finally realizes he cannot rely on such people as those. Like as not he remains unaware, though I hope he has smartened up a little after repeatedly being dumped on and thoroughly hosed by them, a process which continues even now.

But Trump is a New York City boy at base. They do not learn lessons very readily.

Hmmm…let me think.