The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war

Sure. But usually when I don’t know something, I ask. You stated that “we haven’t heard much of the horrendous flooded islands” as if it was a fact, then proceeded to construct an argument based on that inaccurate information.

I might have made that one up, because I can’t find it now. I remember reading a story about an island that’s part of a larger “island country,” but the island was populated by an ethnic group that’s different from ethnic groups that populate other islands. That made it a nation-island in my mind. I think Micronesia fits this description.

The case in Florida is directly related to rising ocean levels. The other cases are related to heavier rains and inadequate levees, so a 500-year-flood hits two years in a row. These may also be explained by global warming.

You have got to stop saying that as if it has some special meaning. Cities are run by Democrats because cities are populated by Democrats. People who live in higher density areas tend to be more liberal (the reasons for this are out of scope for this thread). I’m pretty sure most cities in the USA lean blue, even in red states.

Further, in terms of environmental regulations California has done a good job IMO. The air in LA is much cleaner than it was 30 years ago, even though the population and the number of cars on the road is much higher. I think the streets are similarly much safer than they were 20 or 30 years ago. But even this might have less to do with what party runs it and more with other economic and demographic factors that should be left to economists to argue.

I think the blanket “look at the cities that have been run by Democrats” argument is a false narrative.


Lindsey Graham’s Campaign For Rival’s Tax Returns Ends In Humiliation

"Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was left with egg on his face after a smear campaign against his Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison backfired in spectacular fashion.

Graham in the last week had been calling on Harrison, the former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, to release his tax returns and suggested on Twitter that Harrison was hiding something.

Harrison, who pundits believe poses a threat to Graham’s 17-year career in the Senate, released his returns on Tuesday.

And he informed Graham with a zinger of a post that called on his 2020 rival, who is one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent apologists, to turn his attention to the president and demand that Trump release his own tax records

Jaime Harrison

Done. Now do President Trump.

Lindsey Graham


US Senate candidate, SC

It’s now been 5 days, so I’ll ask again: Where are your tax returns, @HarrisonJaime? What are you hiding?…

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“Ends in humiliation”?

I long for the days when a headline claiming humiliation was accompanied by a quote stating ,“I feel humiliated”. I want to know the facts, I have no interest in so-called news who’s sole purpose is to ‘educate’ me on how I’m supposed to percieve a given situation.

That was fair enough. Was too good an opportunity to miss taking a swipe back at Graham for him not being as vocal on POTUS about releasing tax returns.

Also, it may not affect the SC senate race directly but hitting Dems’ favorite target is probably not a bad strategy, especially when he’ll ask the DNC or their PACs for more campaign ads funds.

Medical leave? :thinking: Did he get COVID-19 or is he just playing hooky? Timing of medical leave looks a tad suspicious to me. Kinda like when some folks get sick when they have not been able to meet a deadline at work …

This one?

" The president was unable to answer basic questions from undecided voters for large stretches of the evening."

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Trump Blames Biden, Who Isn’t President, For Not Instituting Mask Mandate

Trump pushes ‘antifa’ wildfire conspiracy despite plea from local sheriff that rumour is misdirecting resources

Trump has a policy of saying stupid, hurtful, harmful, divisive things every day to make America worse.

As a Chief Executive he is a a disaster. He hires (and fires) the worst people constantly. He is destroying the effectiveness of government unless it serves him.

Well, yeah, again, no.

The Dems claim they’re going to do a nationwide mask mandate. Nearly a year into this. At no time was such legislation presented in the House, let alone passed. That’s the question why? It’s convenient to say now as a campaign strategy, with both hindsight and still no accountability. If such a priority, you push something to the Senate or the President and let them kill it. But crickets.

Instead, all they did was rage when Trump said he had the authority over nationwide decisions, making it perfectly clear the states were the ones calling their own shots and he was doing nothing but illegally infringing on their rights.

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Maybe Bloomberg will help in Florida.

12 year old suspended from school and stuck with a police record, for moving a toy gun from one side the couch to the other while in his own home.

This is the stuff people should be outraged over, not criminals being killed while being criminals. But since no one was shot by a cop, an obscure Yahoo article is probably the most attention it’s going to get. This is the root stuff that needs to change, if you want changes to eventually filter down (or is it up?) to the headline-grabbing stuff. But instead, the misplaced outrage has again only reinforced all the biases that end up causing the tragedies.

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Yes, I read about this situation back a week or so ago. The whole issue made me very angry. First the boy was in his own home (when he should have been in school).

The virtual in class (teaching & learning) is an intolerable happening. This child was alone (that’s bad) trying to do his art lesson. Of course no one with him, “why not play with his toy gun”. But then for the teacher to call authorities before contacting his mother is terrible.

Suspending a child for playing with his toy gun at home is wrong. IMO

Too bad the mother could not afford to put her son in a private school. In my school district, here they are having do virtual teaching also. Many parents are sending their children to private, or church schools that are in regular school rooms.

This is another very sad story.

Trump supporter focus group for potential new campaign ads.

“Maybe there’s a sliver… like maybe microwaving would help”

Looks like this focus group had the same line of thinking.

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Left wing Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a liberal wack job of the first order. But this one far and away takes the cake:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee gives maggot-infested apples to wildfire victims

This nut job raises stupidity to an art form. And by arrogantly breaking an important quarantine he possibly has done considerable damage to his own state.

This would be even funnier were it not such a serious matter for the people this jackass ostensibly was trying to comfort. Yet this is the person the citizens of (mostly western) Washington State chose as their governor.

More true than a century ago?

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

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The Post Office has spent hundreds of millions in extra overtime costs to artificially accelerate delivery of 7% of the nation’s first class mail.

I have a package supposed to arrive yesterday that’s late; it missed the regional distribution center’s truck for whatever reason, and is out for delivery today instead. I assume I’m supposed to be outraged that they didnt hold up dispatching the truck (or pay overtime to send it a second time), then pay the local letter carriers overtime to get my package here yesterday afternoon?

It use to be that a local letter never left your local post office. Now, everything is sent to the regional distribution center, to then be returned to the same post office for delivery. Might this operational change (and others like it) be what’s really causing these so-called “delays” - but they’ve thus far been hidden by throwing extra money at the problems so no one would notice? I dont know, not claiming anything, just wondering.

Of course they’re going to endorse Biden. He’s going to give them a blank check to “fix” the problems.

When it comes to union endorsements, it’s typically better to look at the candidate they aren’t endorsing.

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