The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war

12 year old suspended from school and stuck with a police record, for moving a toy gun from one side the couch to the other while in his own home.

This is the stuff people should be outraged over, not criminals being killed while being criminals. But since no one was shot by a cop, an obscure Yahoo article is probably the most attention it’s going to get. This is the root stuff that needs to change, if you want changes to eventually filter down (or is it up?) to the headline-grabbing stuff. But instead, the misplaced outrage has again only reinforced all the biases that end up causing the tragedies.

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Yes, I read about this situation back a week or so ago. The whole issue made me very angry. First the boy was in his own home (when he should have been in school).

The virtual in class (teaching & learning) is an intolerable happening. This child was alone (that’s bad) trying to do his art lesson. Of course no one with him, “why not play with his toy gun”. But then for the teacher to call authorities before contacting his mother is terrible.

Suspending a child for playing with his toy gun at home is wrong. IMO

Too bad the mother could not afford to put her son in a private school. In my school district, here they are having do virtual teaching also. Many parents are sending their children to private, or church schools that are in regular school rooms.

This is another very sad story.

Trump supporter focus group for potential new campaign ads.

“Maybe there’s a sliver… like maybe microwaving would help”

Looks like this focus group had the same line of thinking.

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Left wing Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a liberal wack job of the first order. But this one far and away takes the cake:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee gives maggot-infested apples to wildfire victims

This nut job raises stupidity to an art form. And by arrogantly breaking an important quarantine he possibly has done considerable damage to his own state.

This would be even funnier were it not such a serious matter for the people this jackass ostensibly was trying to comfort. Yet this is the person the citizens of (mostly western) Washington State chose as their governor.

More true than a century ago?

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

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The Post Office has spent hundreds of millions in extra overtime costs to artificially accelerate delivery of 7% of the nation’s first class mail.

I have a package supposed to arrive yesterday that’s late; it missed the regional distribution center’s truck for whatever reason, and is out for delivery today instead. I assume I’m supposed to be outraged that they didnt hold up dispatching the truck (or pay overtime to send it a second time), then pay the local letter carriers overtime to get my package here yesterday afternoon?

It use to be that a local letter never left your local post office. Now, everything is sent to the regional distribution center, to then be returned to the same post office for delivery. Might this operational change (and others like it) be what’s really causing these so-called “delays” - but they’ve thus far been hidden by throwing extra money at the problems so no one would notice? I dont know, not claiming anything, just wondering.

Of course they’re going to endorse Biden. He’s going to give them a blank check to “fix” the problems.

When it comes to union endorsements, it’s typically better to look at the candidate they aren’t endorsing.

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden earned an endorsement from the National Postal Mail Handlers Union on Wednesday.

So what you’re saying is they definitely can’t be trusted to deliver mail in ballots from conservative areas? :wink:


This process allows all mail to be sorted into carrier route order at the sectional center, which is where the high speed sorters are located.

Apparently all those self-flagellating admissions of guilt popular with certain colleges this summer may be evidence of illegal civil rights violations and put their federal funding at risk. Oops.

“Towards the middle of February, we knew it wasn’t a matter of if Covid would become a big pandemic here, it was a matter of when,” said Troye, who left the White House in late July. “But the President didn’t want to hear that, because his biggest concern was that we were in an election year, and how was this going to affect what he considered to be his record of success?”

At one coronavirus task force meeting, Troye claimed that Trump suggested “maybe this Covid thing is a good thing.”

“I don’t like shaking hands with people. I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people,” Troye claimed Trump said at the meeting.


911 Call From Intoxicated Jerry Falwell Jr.’s House Last Month Describes ‘A Lot Of Blood’

One of the most astoundingly corrupt and hypocritical “religious” “leaders”, and, of course, a major Trump supporter.

New QAnon-Allied GOP Senate Candidate Also Pushed Anti-Semitism, Flat Earthism, and 9/11 Conspiracies

She “publicly thanked a white nationalist leader who marched in the “Unite the Right” rally and has questioned the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.”

She also is regularly in contact with anti-Semitic and white nationalist figures in the “America First” faction of the pro-Trump right. Witzke has posted racist messages of her own on social media,

Witzke has also more or less endorsed the idea of Trump becoming a lifelong king of the United States, and said she believes that the earth is flat."

By 2016,she was addicted to opioids and methamphetamine and living in Tennessee.

In interviews she’s given to other media outlets and podcasts, Witzke has claimed to have worked for Mexican drug cartels or “cartel families” as a “low-end drug-runner” or drug dealer transporting drugs between Detroit and Tennessee.

“I was running drugs, actually, for the Mexican cartels,” Witzke told a Delaware radio station in May.

Good news, though! She says she’s been sober since last year! Sober enough to declare that Trump is anointed by God and should be King of America for life and the US government knew about 9-11 in advance and cooperated with the hijackers.

What is it about the GOP that they only want to support crazy people?!?!

So why are they still whining so loudly? And why are they so angry. There’s even a name for it - Angry Urban Dweller Socialist Democrat Syndrome. Their acronym is something Party Candidate SS Biden mentions frequently. :smile:

Not trying to be too personal, but can’t tell if that is a reference to an iceberg, the 30’s, or something unmentionable.

The Trump campaign has “accidentally” used SS or related logos repeatedly in campaign material, but they usually then pull the material down and say it was an accident (not to mention using similar propaganda verbiage, but the verbiage is on purpose and never even an attempt to pretend to retract it). That’s why the neonazis are so supportive of Trump. Trump owns the racist and anti-democracy vote. That IS NOT saying all trump voters are racist or neonazis.

If you were meaning to refer to something else with SS, I think it’s pretty difficult for some of us to relate to that ignorance on the SS initials. (Not that there’s anything “wrong” with ignorance, it’s just not being aware of something). It’s almost like an anti- Semitic version of yelling the N word.


Whatever it stands for, it’s bound to be another pejorative childish nickname. Either way, for me SS is most associated with the SchutzStaffel. So whether it’s a coincidence or likely deliberate, I dislike that association. Would you be fine if Dems used Kaiser or Fuhrer as prefix for Trump or constantly referred to GOP as Alt-reich?


For the record, I have (rarely, when there seems to be a close parallel) referred to the alt-right as the alt-reich, but never the GOP as a whole.

The alt-right is like antifa, it’s referring to the violent. extreme and small group of people who follow “ideas” to the ‘far right’, only a major difference is antifa is ‘far left’ but specifically against the Democratic party as well as the rest of the government. But the alt-right supports the GOP (or at least the TrumpOP).