The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war

You do realize that if Trump wins, the Republican candidate in 2024 will be Don Jr, right? Which would in fact give us (up to) 16 years of Donald Trump(s) as President.

It has been working for him and he doesn’t know anything else.

Fake news! No need to walk back or apologize. All negative news are fake news. And all conspiracy theories could be true. Bizzarro World!

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Yes. dancing in the streets for the corrupt democrats. Please lord, don’t let it happen!! :innocent:

Latest poll from one of the best in 2016 has Biden+5, a recent low for him. Still probably likely to win, but given the biases involved closer than it seems. If it gets much closer, it could be a toss up.

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So who actually wrote that NY Post story?

Good grief you are dense.

I want to help to a candidate.
Citizens United says I can spend as much as I’d like to affect the election.

It’s literally how Sheldon Adelson donated $75 million to Trump.

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To be fair, was that marriage before or after Rudy realized she was his cousin?

The entire comment was contributions to the campaign. Actual contributions. Directly to his campaign. Period. And you think I’m the dense one? Continuing to repeat the same irrelevant thing over and over will never make it relevant.

Talk about dense - even your own link article is very clear, in the very first sentence, that this Adelson guy gave money to a PAC, not to Trump’s campaign. It’s literally not relevant to campaign donations.

Meanwhile, back at the world war (see thread title), we have the above photo of one person’s impression of a Brit cabinet meeting.

For a domestic perspective on the very same issue, bear in mind that with Biden will come a resurgence of globalism, which imperils Constitutional aegis, whereas with Trump we shall celebrate four more years of nationalism and Constitutional preeminence.

It’s an easy choice for me. It should be an easy choice for any loyal American.


Writing as an adult with many years on the clock:

You know that FTFY BS is even more juvenile than a great many other such things you children play with in your present day sand boxes.

Grow up!

What a dope!! Entire post is “made up”.

I’ve seen this movie before:

With Trump consistently gaining ground, even in the most bogus polls, his victory two weeks hence appears once again assured. Unfortunately that is neither the climax nor the end of our movie.

As before, the phony polls are serving to form a predicate for those who will claim, after Biden loses, that Trump stole the election and Biden actually won. This will provide excuse for the socialists to “resist” once again. The excuse’s basis will be as invalid as prior. What will they use, Russia, illegal dark money, election fraud? Who knows. They look down their own malfeasance menu, select an “item du jour” they’ve already perpetrated themselves, and then accuse our side of that transgression. And believe me, the left has pulled every stunt in the book so it’s a long menu!

But will their aforementioned action plan be as effective this time as it was in 2017 and thereafter? Let’s hope not but stay tuned. So far we are just witnessing the same predicate being laid in.

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2016 polls were pretty accurate with the final results. Well within margin of error, and few or no quality state-level polls in 2016 from the states that were “wrong” by a few percent.
2020 polls don’t show “Trump consistently gaining ground”. There’s also better quality polls from the swing states.

Current polls you claim show “Trump gaining ground”:

A new record 10.7 gap in the polls today.

You’ll also be happy to know 538 odds now has another record 88% today. The 12% odds are less than a third than Trump had at this point in 2016.