The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war

A friend ask me if Trump died tomorrow, would the Democrats proceed with impeachment (thinking they might well). Why do you think they are bringing impeachment charges this time?

  • They hate him
  • They want to ban him from running in 2024
  • They think he’s guilty of the charges
  • Russia!

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Really? Seriously? You and others have spent months ridiculing Giuliani’s performances in these election lawsuits, and now you’re blaming Trump for being unhappy with that same performance?

I havent trolled through court transcripts and whatnot to develop a good second hand opinion of what actually occured, but if only a small fraction of the absurdities that have been posted here are accurate, I’d be refusing to pay him too.

You left off “He clearly is guilty of the charges, and is a clear and present danger to the country and should be removed”?

“Republican lawmakers accused of giving Capitol tours to insurrectionists”

Handshakes and fist bumps are horribly racist as well. But only when certain people do it. :roll_eyes:

I’m not going to comment on the substance, but some of the crap the claims are being based on is plain stupid. It’s on the level of being arrested for soliciting a prostitute because you tapped your foot while taking a dump in a public restroom.


There is no room in the “GOP” for anyone who does not support Trumpism.
Voters need to take notice.

Giuliani’s legal skills here have been questionable at best. Which, honestly, is a little sad, because, while he was before my time in the field, many people say they wish he could be remembered differently.

That said, Trump doesn’t pay his fees. This was known before he even ran for president. Lots of providers don’t work with him because of that, among other reasons of course. I don’t think his refusal to pay is ultimately because of any specific accusations of poor service, even if he claims that.

I’m concerned that Trump is going to offer a pardon as payment for his services.

I miss Boston Legal.


I guess his idea for delving out Federal Aid has some merit. BUT basing it on Skin Color is stupid.

Skin Color, that statement must be a joke. But coming from Biden, it must be true.

Could go along with the idea of Reparation, which Biden will probably do also. :sweat_smile:

Trump didn’t develop any vaccines, scientists in private companies did.

We also fell >95% short of the repeated promise of 100(s) of million doses administered by the end of 2020. So it’s hard to characterize the logistics effort (what the operation was actually about) as highly successful – based on the metrics for adequacy established by Trump himself.

He also falsely claimed it was fully lined up and mobilized to get the vaccine actually administered to people. Which there was zero plan, but apologists in this thread have already claimed it made no sense to have such a plan…

Trump and his team conceived and oversaw the parallel path approach which led to such rapid vaccine availability, the quickest in history. It was a bold, creative, and innovative approach . . . . typical Trump.

If Biden had been in charge we would have at least another year to go on this process. Lucky for you Biden was not. Lucky for all of us.

Congress allocated the funds very early last year, before the “operation Warp Speed” was even started… And the pfizer-BioNtech vaccine which was the fastest had no participation / government funding for development. Despite the alternate reality where Trump’s bleach injection and light bulbs up your b— “idea” was really just referring to developing a vaccine.

Trump publicly established the yardstick for adequacy for vaccine distribution. 100M doses administered by Dec 31, 2020. We fell ~95% short of that goalpost.


Well both MRNA and PFE slow walked their trial results by at least a month in order to “get more minorities” or specifically for PFE to “not report good results before the election”, so I figure that’s a least a month’s worth of deaths and further infection spread that you can pin the anti-Trump crowd.

Winning has always been more important than letting people die, especially older people who probably don’t believe their woke crap and might vote against the Democrats in the election if they made it that far. Now that they’re dead, they’ll be voting democrat forever…


I’m sure you want to give “your guy” Biden credit for development of Covid-19 vaccine. Won’t happen.

Trump goes down in history for “operation Warp Speed”. “period, end of story” :100:

That’s just nonsense Alex Jones conspiracy theories. They also were already producing vaccine asap during the trials. There was ample funding provided early last year by congress to preorder candidates, some of which was used by the admin…

CDC didn’t give the 100s of M by end of 2020 estimate, it was not realistic. That was Trump, trying to convince people to make no effort whatsoever to control the spread and to violate CDC guidelines, all based on an imaginary short timeline…

The distribution failures and lower numbers of purchased early pfizer doses (because of wanting to boost the overpriced Moderna debacle to try to take credit since they participated in “warp speed” development funding, unlike pfizer) was Trump.

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Definitely an unprecedented acceleration:

“Warp Speed” indeed.

Biden didn’t develop any vaccines. It was scientists. Why would anyone give Biden credit for developing vaccines? But hopefully he can help resolve the logistical nightmare scenario that the current incompetent buffoon has created.

Dolly Parton did more for vaccine development than Trump, who just delayed and obstructed actually using the funds that Congress allocated for vaccine development.

No one would! Biden raising our taxes. (he said he wouldn’t, but he lies). We will give him credit!

Trump is three-fifths of all American presidential impeachments


Investigating terrorist funding:

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