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Duke’s death a dilemma for Biden

What’s a POTUS to do?

Sending Harris to the funeral would be an embarrassment in the first place. Now in addition you have to consider she supposedly is the Border Crisis Czar with no results, not even a visit, for the last more than two weeks!! Anything multiplied by zero . . . is zero. And Harris is the quintessential zero.

Biden cannot attend personally, and nobody expects that of him. Funeral duty traditionally falls to the Vice President. But with Harris in that chair . . . . . . . uh oh.

Heck, she’d probably just go over there and smile and cackle. Cackling is her specialty. Almost anything said to Harris evokes childish, nervous, laughter.

Finding a way to avoid sending Harris to that funeral, thus sidestepping inevitable American humiliation, could be Biden’s toughest challenge so far as POTUS.

You have to factor in that there were many people within the CDC who hated Trump and were happy to release anything at all they could to impugn him.

That sort of Trump hatred was commonplace throughout government, but Trump never saw it coming and was painfully slow with efforts to root those people out.

I remember Rush Limbaugh, several years back, reporting to his audience a conversation he had with Trump on the golf course. Trump thought the government bureaucracy would roll over and simply knuckle under to his wishes merely because he won the election. Rush said all he could do was roll his eyes. He knew better, but he also knew Trump would not listen to or believe how wrong he was.

Florida is up to three different sham candidates.

Biden starting a committee to conclude the Supreme Court needs packing, and giving the fawning mainstream media 6-9 months to play up how racist it would be not to stuff his next 5 choices onto the bench of the expanded court.

  • The Biden administration is taking steps to expand the Supreme Court and implement term limits, according to the New York Times.

I agree with Biden, back when he had all his fil-fil-faculties.

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Scamming Republicans is provably easier and more profitable than scamming Democrats, episode (smash the number pad).

/ according to the link he tried scamming Democrats too, it was much less profitable

This strategy reminds me of “the Bobs” in Office Space. It’s well known what the committee’s conclusion will be.

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Things change. The GOP has no problem with court packing. They’ve been doing it the last few years. For the first time in US history a President’s nominee, Merrick Garland, was refused even a hearing. Then the GOP Senate waited for the GOP President to make nominations. This is the same as court packing and had never been done before in US history. It was cheating and unethical.

Faced with this sort of totally unfair and unethical behavior, with the GOP willing to leave a seat vacant and the Supreme Court understaffed (a sort of court packing by not putting in any one they don’t 100% approve) until they get their way, it’s perfectly appropriate to seek some countermeasures to a completely biased packed court.

It would be honest to mention the reasons such ideas come up, rather than pretending they come out of nowhere as some sort of devilish plan. The devilish plan is by the GOP which has violated all norms of US civilized political behavior in the last four years. So, yeah, to counteract judges who’ve been appointed by people who maintain the election was not legal because their candidate lost and who defend violent insurrectionists who invade the Capitol and defend racist attacks against Americans, measures have to be taken to protect our Democracy and rights.

Used in a sentence: Republican political and cultural arguments are always disingenous.


Tucker is no longer bothering to replace words.

If you bothered to read the prior discussions here instead of repeating left wing talking points, you’d know that appointments or confirmations or non-confirmations of SCOTUS judges have been very consistent for decades - when the same party controls the Presidency and the Senate, they get approved quickly; when they are split, especially near the end of a President’s term, they are often voted down or delayed until the Presidential election is over. None of this is news for anyone paying attention over the last century.

“Packing” - words have meanings you know, and putting qualified judges you don’t like on the bench to fill an absence isn’t “packing” if you’re not changing the number of seats.

measures have to be taken

I get the feeling you might be more at home in China where the role of democratic institutions is subordinate to the political desires of those in power. Feel free to take your ideas where they would be more welcome.

You might contribute to these guys, similar people with your type of ideas that are now trying to run Breyer off the Court for saying out loud what everyone knows - a partisan packing the court will destroy its credibility. Also, “Racial Quotas for Racial Justice!”

The only responsible choice for Justice Breyer is to immediately announce his retirement so President Biden can quickly nominate the first-ever Black woman Supreme Court justice,” said Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice

I look forward to a brave new world under our Dear Leader and his new committee-recommended and promptly appointed Court of 15 (having added 3 black women, a Latino gay man, a tranny, and Hunter Biden, a man of infinitely varied talents). Then the red state judiciaries can start refusing to follow the SCOTUS’s precedents or only counting the result / outcome of rulings where the Original Nine votes are counted.


Used in a sentence: When Republicans argue that Obama can’t submit a judge because it’s inappropriate on Thursdays when left handed hitters for the Colorado Rockies go 2 for 5 with a homer and a strikeout and the moon is 3/4 full and the temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees with a wind from the southwest at 5-8 mph, they are acting in bad faith.

Shortened to: When Republicans argue politics and culture, it’s in bad faith.

Matt Gaetz argues for hiring women as he defends himself against hiring girls.

You mean like the devilish plan of getting as many poor people from Central America to come here so their children will eventually vote blue?

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Wrong! This is not the same as court packing. The GOP Senate made legal nominations because they were in the majority. Biden can make legal nominations when there is an opening in the SCOTUS.

Plain & simple! Do it the legal way according to the constitution.

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Problem is, for Democrats our Constitution is not the basis of our Republic . . . it is instead an obstacle to their sought-for pure democracy. They detest it.

Constitution does not set the number of members. Maybe familiarize yourself with the US Constitution?
Or maybe don’t familiarize yourself with the Constitution as it runs very counter to the alt-right religion you seem to follow?


You’re stepping over the boundary Bend3r. I don’t like your comment… (I’m sure you could care less)