The 2020 USA POTUS election politics, the civil war, and the world war

I think I’ve found someone’s kindred spirit. They’re not tolerating Black Lives Matter, etiher.

I’d agree you aren’t humorous.

My excuses are no more phony than your conjectures. Comparing a democratic mayor with a republican mayor and claiming that it was the mayor and his party allegiance that made all the difference in the crime rate when many economists have studied this issue and concluded that multiple other factors had a significant impact.

The failures are everywhere YOU look, because that’s what you look for. I see Repulibcan failures everywhere I look. There’s probably some confirmation bias at play in both cases, but even though neither one is perfect, you keep arguing that all Republicans are perfect while Democrats are all failures. Enough with your fallacies.

That does not surprise me one bit. I was being sarcastic when I asked. You compared a personal anecdote of “driving while in a porsche” with systemic racism and race-based profiling involved in “driving while black”. If you yourself do not understand how absurd your comparison is, there’s nothing I can do for you.

You’ve heard it here first, folks. Electing Republicans is akin to abstinence. Both are crimes against nature :slight_smile:

Remember back a time ago when I said your were a smart aleck. Again your behavior can be very irritating because you must have the last word. (even if wrong)

I usually give up & walk away!! :relaxed:

In news that will surprise you based on the consequences, if not the behaviors, of BLM supporters.

BLM extortion charges for shaking down WI businesses for cash and goods

BLM rioters get the book thrown at them in OK

“When you act like a terrorist, you will be treated like a terrorist." The terrorism charges involved the burning of an Oklahoma County sheriff’s van and the damage done to an Oklahoma City bail bonds business. One defendant, Isael Antonio Ortiz, 21, of Welch, is charged in both incidents. He was jailed Saturday morning. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

ACLU also complained that any conversation about the property damage done during protests “diminishes and diverts attention away from the reason thousands are protesting and demonstrating.” DA Prater said it was concerning and bewildering that the ACLU has chosen “to defend criminals who are violent, exploitive and unscrupulous.”

I used to respect the ACLU but they seem to have become more political and less about protecting liberties in recent years.


Yeah none of that looks good.

I’m no legal expert, but how does arson (burning of a van) and damage to a business rise to a “terrorism” charge? It sounds ridiculous. The ACLU isn’t saying he is not guilty, they’re saying the charges are inflated and politically motivated.

You’re correct, it doesn’t (but might be… depending on additional possible details). Maybe there are additional details other than simply the property damage.

Armed white nationalists amassing (such as at several state capitol) is terrorism, on the other hand, even if no shots fired or damaged property.

There’s a perverted new definition of “terrorism” pretending it simply means vandalising, burning, or blowing things up. It’s similar to how a teenager “breaking in” to a computer system by just typing “password” (because an irresponsible person set the password to “password”) is a criminal cybercrime.

I have a question to ask…

When the peaceful protesters broke down the gate to enter the private property of folks in St Louis. Who did the filming from behind the protesters toward the couples front yard?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the couple who came outside with their guns loaded were very brave. There was a strong possibility of the mob rushing & killing them. Of course they could have killed a few peaceful folks before hand.


Is this like the opposite of bribing donors? :slight_smile:

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These are the same sorts of “Republicans” who gave us the fetid McCain candidacy in 2008 and the ridiculous Romney (dear Lord of all people!) candidacy in 2012.

These “Republicans” are inveterate and consummate LOSERS! And BTW, Democrats luv luv luv 'em, cannot get enough of 'em.

I wonder why. Duhhhhhh. :crazy_face:

By hook or crook, the Dems must get their way. Always want to try to change history. blah, blah, blah… :thinking:

Yes, change the “history” when the defeated losers got back enough government pull to put in place intimidation symbols.

The historical source of Confederate “monuments” is not some mystery.

You want background, some is reviewed here:


My gosh, where do you find these?? Interesting, but not so meaningful.

I believe the old Confederacy is history & should be preserved. I enjoy watching Finding your Roots on tv. So your relatives are unbelievable. You can destroy all those records, but it’s yours

I want to visit the south & see their monuments. It’s not right or fair for liberal protesters to destroy our history, especially those on private property.

But for goodness sake don’t try to send Dolly Parton out on a rail.

It’s funny that’s your sole takeaway. Pick at a piece of humor poking at absurdity (characterizing the Civil War as “a friendly North-South rivalry”). Rather than the facts about the history of the “monuments”

(Unrelated… I’ve been to that show. Yes it was just as kitchy as characterized. So… I actually “grow up with experiences like that”)

IN MUSEUMS. Not in public square or government buildings.


Ok. But would that be “allowed” these days? I’m fairly certain it’s not a viable option, because any museum a statue is moved to would immediately become a prime target for vandalism, putting it’s entire collection at risk as well.