Tradeline brokerages

Tradeline brokers claim to offer a route to rapid credit score improvement. I have no personal experience with this matter and by no means am I claiming this sort of thing is legitimate or that it will work. Still, this is quite interesting:

This tradeline broker claims you can improve your score . . for a price!

This website pronounces the entire thing a huge scam:

It’s a SCAM!!

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The second link doesn’t say that it’s entirely a scam, only that it can be very risky.

I am not familiar with this company in particular; however, I am familiar with the practice. It does work. There were a couple of threads on FWF about it.

If anyone has questions, I will try to answer them.

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It does work. I have a friend who declared bankruptcy and with some seasoned tradelines as an AU got his credit score to a passable level. He is not going to open up more credit cards but at least when he looks for employment and they do a credit check, it doesn’t look terrible. He has been able to qualify for car loans at the standard level without a cosigner as well.