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If you are just harvesting signup bonuses, you should be able to find a few bank accounts/CDs that can be funded with a credit card. They’re rare and when allowed the limits are pretty low, so it’s not worthwhile as an ongoing thing, but it should be good enough to hit the necessary spending requirements.

Thanks those seem like low amounts or rare now a days.

Not sure where to post this…


I hadn’t logged into PenFed in a while (maybe a few months). I had to unlock my account and all of that went fine. I then couldn’t login… told me username and password did not match their records or similar. Password had not changed. I noticed that the password limit they advised was 16 characters. I counted out my password and it was 17 characters! So, I lopped off the last character and logged in successfully.

Odd but I suppose most folks don’t have 16+ char passwords.

Hope this helps the next confused PF user :slight_smile:


I would’ve assumed that anyone with a 16+ character password would be proud of that and already know exactly how many characters it contained. :wink:

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And you’ve successfully used it previously? In my limited experience, most institutions trim the password to the length that is their max. I haven’t gone over the max in 5 or 6 years, so maybe algorithms have changed.

@glitch99 Nah, not proud of it… :slight_smile: I think it was auto-generated by my browser long ago.

@Honkinggoose I think so, yes. I had used that previously and definitely before they added MFA/2FA to the login process. It seemed odd to me that some programmer somewhere hadn’t considered this or evaluated password length in their database. Since they’re a larger credit union, maybe some of their stuff is off the shelf tech and not developed for them directly. Interesting exercise and made me realize I would never want to be a software tester! ha

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Hanscom FCU is getting rid of Kasasa accounts. The “upgraded” offering looks terrible. Not a big deal but their Kasasa rate was pretty good and had been around for a number of years.

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FYI: I think it was definitely the password length at issue here. I checked spouse’s account recently. Similar experience - had been a while etc, did 2fa. No issue but her password was not beyond the specified length.

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Am I correct in understanding that one does not need to file a Federal tax return by the deadline if one is expecting a refund? Thanks for any confirmations…!

You can delay filing with an extension to file. The easiest way to do this is to make one dollar payment with extension to file at one of the online tax payment websites like pay1040.com. It will charge you a $2.50 fee but you can recover the one dollar with your refund :grin:. This will automatically file a 4868 with the IRS and an extension to file in most states.

Edit. For safety check to make sure that you get an extension to file with your state.


“If you owe tax, you usually will incur a penalty or interest. However, you won’t pay a failure to pay penalty and won’t accrue interest if you’re:
Receiving a refund”

H&R Block.


After reading the details, that seems to be true, but filing an extension is easy enough and cheap enough that I would not risk messing with the IRS. Besides, why would you give them an interest free loan of your money?

Thanks @onenote and @Treffen !

I may do the ‘trick’ that onenote mentioned…Not necessary but a nice safeguard.

I need more time to file as filings for last year and this year are more complicated due to “life”. Thanks again for the replies and advice.

I’ve been due a refund only about seven times in my life. They were when I was much younger, and less responsible. I did not file on time for any of them, nor file an extension. There was never a penalty … other than my failing to get my money when I should have.

If you are absolutely certain that you won’t owe money, and if you will file within a reasonable time (before October), I wouldn’t bother with an extension. Good luck, whatever you decide.

ETA: I’m not a plumber, electrician, ophthalmologist, oncologist tax attorney, so my advice is worth less than you’re paying for it. :slight_smile:

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