Which credit cards will cancel your bill if it is small?

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Advanta canceled at $1.00/$0.99 (May 2009)
Advanta billed at $1.20

Alliant billed at $0.99

AMEX billed at $1.99
AMEX billed at $0.01
AMEX canceled at 0.49 (first statement: balance is 0.49 but nothing is due; second statement: balance adjusted to zero)
AMEX billed/canceled at $1.00 on odd/even months respectively
AMEX Cash Rebate Card cancelled at $1.00 in Aug 2013 but had billed at $1.00 in Jul 2013
AMEX Delta Options billed at $1.00 (Aug 2013)
Amex Optima Platinum billed at $1.00 (Aug 2013)

Associated Bank (Elan) canceled at $1.00 (Dec 2011)
Associated Bank (Citi) billed at $1.00 (March 2012)

BofA billed at $0.01/0.03/$0.49/$0.99/$1.00
BofA (Better Balance) canceled at 1.00 (August 2013)
BofA (BankAmericard Cash Rewards) billed at $2 (August 2013), billed at 0.99 with automatic payment on due date (Feb 2014)
BofA Personal Line of Credit (NOT a credit card) canceled at $1.99, $2.26, $2.89

Barclay’s cancelled at 0.99 (Oct 2013)
Barclay’s billed at $1.00 (April 2013)
Barclays NFL Extra Points Visa Signature canceled at $0.99 (Dec 2013)

BBVA Compass NBA Amex cancelled at $1.00 (Apr 2016)
BBVA Compass NBA Amex cancelled at $0.99 (Mar 2016)

Best Buy Mastercard billed at $1.10

Capital One canceled at $1.00 (Nov 2013)
Capital One Business canceled at $1.00 (Apr 2014)
Capital One billed at $1.01/$1.98/$1.99

Chase billed at 99c (Dec 2014)
Chase billed at $1.00 (May 2013)
Chase billed at $1.00 (Oct 2013) paper bills

Citi billed for everything even for a measley $0.02 (Jul 2008)
Citi billed for $0.09 (April 2013)
CitiBusiness billed for $0.99
Citi Dividend Master Card cancelled $0.13 (Aug 2013)

Citizens canceled at $.99 (June 2013)
Citizens (former RBS) cancelled at $.99
Citizens Business Card canceled at $.99
Citizens Business Card billed at $1.00

Crate and Barrel cancelled $1.50 (April 2013)

Discover cancelled at $2.00

ELAN billed @ $0.99 (incl. cards accessible via usbank.com which were issued by ELAN, e.g. LinuxFund)

Emigrant Direct (Elan) canceled at $0.99
Emigrant Direct (Elan) canceled at $1.00 (Apr 2013)
Emigrant Direct (Elan) billed at $0.99 (Sept 2013)

ETrade billed at $1.97

Fidelity Investment AMEX billed @ $0.99 (Mar 2012), @ $0.88 (Dec 2012)
Fidelity Investment Visa cancelled @ 0.99 (May '13), then billed @ $0.99 the next month (June’13). Billed again (Feb’14).

Fifth Third billed at $1.96

First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) billed at $0.99 (on 2/4/12)
First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) Biz billed at $1.00 (on 11/25/08)

GE Capital Retail Bank (TJX Rewards MC) billed at $0.99 (Jan. 2013)
GE Capital Retail Bank (TJX Rewards MC) billed at $0.49 (Feb. 2013)
GE Capital Retail Bank (GAP VISA) billed at $0.31 (Jun 2013)
GE Capital Retail Bank (WalMart Discover) billed at $0.68 (Nov 2013)

GM Flexible Earnings (HSBC) billed at $0.99 (on 02/02/2010)
GM Flexible Earnings (HSBC) billed at $0.49 (on 3/2013)
GM Flexible Earnings (Capitol One) billed at $0.99 (on 2/2014)
GM Flexible Earnings (Capitol One) billed at $0.99 (on 4/2015)

Hooters (MerrickBank) billed at $1.84
Hooters CANCELED at $1.00

HSBC canceled at $0.92
HSBC billed at $0.95
HSBC billed at $.07

IberiaBank canceled at $1.00 (April 2012)

J.Jill (Comenity) canceled at $0.99
J.Jill (Comenity) canceled at $1.99 (December 2013)

Juniper(Barclays) canceled at $0.99 (Sep 2010)
Juniper(Barclays) billed at $1.99 (Feb 2007)

Keybank MC billed at $0.99/$1.98

National City Business canceled at $1.00
National City Business canceled at $1.99 (1/9/09) (5/2013 - continues to cancel @$1.99 after becoming PNC)
National City Business DID NOT CANCEL $1.99 8/2013
National City Personal Card (Lifespring) billed at $1.00

Orchard Bank (HSBC) billed at $0.99

Macy’s Visa billed at $1.00
Macy’s AMEX billed at $0.02 (customer serviced cancelled the balance)

MBNA billed at $2.02

PNC (Elan) billed at $1.98
PNC (Elan) canceled at $1.00 on 01/08/09
PNC (Elan) billed at $1.00 on 02/08/09
PNC (Elan) cancelled at $0.99 on 03/10/09
PNC (non-Elan since Oct’10) billed at $0.99 on 11/10/10
PNC Business (former National City Biz) billed $1.99 8/2013 (has canceled every month until now)

Providian/WAMU canceled at $0.99/$1.00
Providian/WAMU billed at $1.01/$1.94/$1.95/$1.99

Penfed cancelled $0.89 (Nov 2011)
Penfed billed at $0.99
Penfed AMEX Travel cancelled $0.99 (Feb 2013)
Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa canceled at $0.99 (Jan 2013)
Penfed Platinum Rewards Visa canceled at $1.00 (Jan 2014)
Penfed VISA Platinum Cash Rewards billed at $0.31 (Jun 2014)
PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card cancelled at $0.99 (May 2015)

Pulaski cancelled $1.00
Pulaski billed at $1.99

RBS cancelled $0.99

Sears MC (by Citi) canceled at $0.99 (used to be $5.00 but stopped as of 7/01/07)
Sears MC (by Citi) billed at $1.00
Sears (regular - not MC) billed at $4.99.

Sallie Mae 5% (Barclays) canceled at $0.99 (Jan 2013)
Sallie Mae 5% billed at $0.99

SunTrust billed at $1.99

Talbots (Comenity) cancelled at $1.50
Talbots (Comenity) cancelled at $0.99

TD Bank Cash Rewards Visa billed at $0.99

USAA canceled $0.93/$0.99
USAA billed at $1.00/$1.99

US Bank Cash+ Visa canceled $0.59 (May 2013)
US Bank Cash+ Visa canceled $0.99 (June 2013)
US Bank Cash+ Visa billed $0.99
US Bank Club Carlson canceled $0.01 (November 2013)
US Bank Platinmum Visa billed $1.09
US Bank Worldperks Visa canceled $1.00
US Bank Worldperks Visa billed at $1.36
US Bank Worldperks Visa billed $0.92 (0n 10/6/07)
US Bank Baylor Alumni canceled $1.00 (1/8/09)
US Bank Flexperks Visa canceled at $0.89 (10/27/11)

Wachovia canceled $1.00, however they did NOT cancel two months in a row.
Wachovia (Signature VISA) did not cancel $1.99 (06/23/2009)
Wachovia (Signature VISA) did not cancel $0.99 (07/23/2009)

Wells Fargo canceled at $1.99 (Sep 2010) … even on former Wachovia card (Signature VISA)
Wells Fargo Business canceled at $0.99 (June 2013)
Wells Fargo Business canceled at $1.99 (Aug 2013)
Wells Fargo Propel canceled at $1.99 (July 2014)

Zions Bank Visa canceled at $1.98 Message edited by: crabbing on 2016-07-09 12:32:34 CDT


Alliant billed at $0.01

Barcl@yC@sh4ward cancels .99 bill up to now.

D1sc0ver has always cancelled up to $2 for me for a long time now.

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If Alliant billed at $0.01, be aware that some cc companies have instituted policies toward “alternate” bill cancellations. So every other month they might cancel a bill if it’s smaller than x. The next month they’ll bill @ .01.

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Wells Fargo Reward, Platinum, Case Wise all cancels at $2.00

Ace Reward Visa cancels at .99
NFL Extra Points Credit Card - Barclaycard cancels at .99

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How are people gaming this? Instead of PIF, you PIF minus 98 cents every other month?

And how do you know when it’s cancelled? Is it cancelled at statement closing? Or after the due date? I’d hate to get dinged on my credit report trying to game 98 cents.

If it’s cancelled at statement closing, then I imagine the trick would be to pay before statement closing for full amount less 98 cents and then the statement closes at $0?

Or if its cancelled past statement closing, how do you know you’re not getting dinged with late fees and past due on your credit report?



You wouldn’t get dinged cuz it happens before the statement is issued, you’d just get billed whatever small amount if it doesn’t work. Typically you get something added to your statement called “Small Balance Credit/refund”.

Even easier than that just buy a few Amazon reloads at the start of each month.

CapitalOne cancelled at 99cents if I recall.

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I received an alert from one of those ‘free because we let scammers steal your information’ credit monitoring services that Alliant reported that I paid off my balance in full, so maybe my credit score went up.

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I was shocked to have 0.18 canceled on the Sears citi mastercard this month( 3-2018)
Anyone have small balance credits on any other CITI MC or Visa?

Has anyone ever tried this with other kinds of loans besides credit cards? Like mortgage, HEL, HELOC, student loan, auto loan? I suppose it’s not repeatable monthly except maybe with HELOC, but still :slight_smile:

I had an old ploc that would cancel up to $5, I think.

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I recently refinanced an auto loan from Wells Fargo, they ate $10+ in interest charges that the payoff was short.

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Does anyone have a recent data point for Discover? Is it supposed to cancel at $2? I’ve been doing $1.99.

Yes. $2.00. Someone discovered it (ha!) and it has been posted > 2.5 years ago.

To answer my own question above… Navient cancelled at $0.90 :boom::sparkler::confetti_ball:

list above shows Capital One canceled at $1.00 (Nov 2013)
Does Capital One still canceled at $1.00? thx


Caution doing this with Discover. I had 2 It cards closed this week with no notice. I used both intermittently on 5% categories when they worked for me, and bought Amazon $2 gift cards on other months. Too bad, one had a 25 year history.

“We are writing to notify you that we have closed your Discover® card account effective immediately. We regularly conduct reviews to evaluate our customers’ accounts, and during a review, we determined that your account is not being used as intended. We evaluated your account and under the terms of your Cardmember Agreement, a business decision was made to close your account.”


Been doing this for years. But I only have 1 card (and a banking relationship). Never heard of them closing accounts before, maybe they wised up?