Which One is the Democrat?

Hello and welcome to the latest FD online game show sensation, Which One is the Democrat? Join in and have some fun!

The rules could not be more simple. Everyone knows Democrats have a certain “look”. You will be shown photos of two candidates for a political office having national impact. You then vote for the candidate you believe is the Democrat. At the conclusion of the show the actual Democrat will be revealed. Here we go. First the two photos:

Candidate #1

Candidate #2

Take your time, look them over very carefully, decide which is the Democrat, then enter your vote below:

  • Candidate #1
  • Candidate #2

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Are they the same lady?

No. Two different ladies

Racist! All white people look the same, do they?
</ feigned outrage>

You and I have a vastly different idea of fun. Next you’ll start a poll thread with someone wearing a sheet and the late congressman Lewis and ask which is the Trump supporter? Equally as reasonable as this one trying to stereotype Democrats and Republicans?


This is one of many blessings I enjoy.

That is as asinine as most of the stuff you post. Both of these ladies are white insofar as I can tell. There is nothing unreasonable about that.

It’s not race that gives Democrats their “look”. It’s a certain elite haughtiness, a look that says “we know better”.

It’s funny race is the difference you latched on to from the other example, when I didn’t even reference either hypothetical race directly. (Sure, the named person…)


I assumed Shinobi’s intention was related to lady #1 wearing a cross.

It’s not race that gives Democrats their “look”. It’s a certain elite haughtiness, a look that says “we know better”.

To each their own, but I’m not getting a “haughty” or particularly “elite” vibe from lady #2. She just appears maybe 5-10 years younger with better skin and a lot less sun exposure on her neck.

But it’s anybody’s guess whether her chunky necklace is just costume jewelry, and lady #1 looks to be wearing more expensive glasses, if I had to guess.

The only thing I get from either picture is that the top lady is going to spill her water because she didnt put the cap back on. But that may just be from a decade of living with small children…

I also thought the top one reminded me of Elizabeth Warren. While the bottom one shows excited cluelessness, like she just saw Russia from her house.


It’s quite a leap to get there. But painting with such broad, subjective, and rather irrelevant strokes seems like something that should be beneath us.


Just as much of a leap as

Exactly the point.


I voted early, never noticed expensive or cheap glasses, chunky neckless or cross on chain, sun skin, & what else…

But, thing is we all picked #2. That phony smile caught my attention. Reminds me of Kamala but not as obnoxious.

So my guess is we must all be wrong. Conserv & Libs can’t all pick the same one.

Just noticed 1 person has picked #1. Oh well, there goes my theory.

Liberals are incapable of having fun. To them everything is deadly serious politics. Speaking of which:

Many people think, if Biden wins, the next four years will be a continuation of Obama’s eight hell years.

But no. Other voices are saying life under Biden’s boot heel will be more akin to the way things were when Clinton was in. And you know, I can see the similarities.

President Obama was not a philanderer. President Obama did not seek to become rich through coercion of foreign regimes. And President Obama took out Osama, against Biden’s advice, while Clinton gave him a free ride.

So, yeah, we just might be heading into a third Clinton term. God help us.

Biden has stayed away from smelling young ladies hair. Thing is, he stayed in the basement so long, he never had those chances with the gals.

So yes, I’d agree, closer to Clinton than Obama. Regardless times will be tiresome with Biden.

the next four years will be a continuation of Obama’s eight hell years

What specific “hell” was that, exactly?


Liberal Democrat hell.

Liberal Democrat hell.

Wasn’t asking for a cheap and meaningless throwaway. Really, be specific. What, specifically, was “hellish” about Obama’s presidency?