WTH? No interest credited at Northpointe the last 2 months?

Just checking my accounts on the first of the month as usual to enter the interest earned into my checkbooks. I looked at my Northpoint Ultimate savings account and see the last interest credited was June 29th. for a few bucks after having opened the account 2 weeks prior. Nothing after that for July and August after putting in substantially more money. Everybody with an account there should check too. What is going on? Can’t contact them until Tuesday.

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Wasnt it mentioned that they only cycle statements and credit interest quarterly? I dont have an account thus wasnt paying close attention, but seem to recall seeing that while glancing through new posts.


Just checked and that is correct. Never had an account like that before.

I closed Northpointe a while ago but i seem to recall that they credit the interest to the account QUARTERLY not monthly…In which case, the next time you will see the credit is at the END of this month when this quarter ends…

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Yeah, it’s quarterly. I am keeping my account there open with a very small balance until the end of this month just so I can harvest a bit of residual interest they owe me. After that: Sayonara Northpointe!

For me it’s a toss up, re 2% accounts, between Virtual and Northpointe. Virtual is a first class operation and they have treated me REALLY well, so I’m sticking with Virtual. Actually I have no need at all, today, for a 2% liquid account. But I’m holding one in reserve, regardless. And it is not Northpointe.