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Alliant Credit Union


Yup. That is exactly what I did. But my outcome was, and it remains, as I reported earlier.

Have no explanation . . . except perhaps for the amount of money involved.

Suspect more will become known in the fullness of time. Maybe.


That is strange. I have found it slow but never more than 2-3 days.


Payments over your credit limit (aggregated through the statement period) are held for a week. If you have a $10k credit limit, the first $10k of payments that post during that statement cycle will not be held.


I thank glitch99 for his input. FWIW, I believe he is correct. I can report as follows:

My experiment (see up thread) ended today, Tuesday. My payment to Alliant was executed one week ago, on Tuesday 10 April. That is when the money left my Alliant savings account and that is the date the money showed up as a credit to my Alliant Visa Signature account. However, as glitch99 prognosticated, my credit line was not restored until this morning, a FULL week later than the payment was made (fortunate for me 'cause I have to pay my taxes today). I also should mention the funds in my savings, with which I paid, were good and available funds which had been in that account for a while.

The above data point is posted for information only, on chance another participant here might have to travel the same path I just completed.



I also should’ve mentioned, it doesnt matter what the source of funds may be, this rule holds true for all payment methods.


Thank you, glitch99. That is a good and helpful observation.

I myself should probably have reiterated that the so-called “experiment” I conducted was just that. I wanted to learn, from personal experience, how I would be treated if I paid and then did nothing else . . . . except wait.

In real life, in the past when a payment did not result in my credit line being restored straightaway, I have telephoned Alliant to request credit line restoration. These requests were granted by the credit union.

However, I prefer not calling. So going forward, with glitch99’s input and my own experimental data in hand, I will try to arrange my charges so telephoning Alliant will not be necessary.


Oops, very nearly forgot to add this intriguing little tidbit:

As already mentioned, the funds used were transferred one week ago from my Alliant savings to my Alliant Visa Signature. Can report this transfer was not charged to my Regulation D allowed transfers of six per month. Why not? I dunno.

Only can tell you I started out at beginning of month with six transfers available, and I still have six, according to my savings account page called “account details”.

Go figure. And I’m surely not complaining.:wink:


Alliant definitely does not like business spend on the personal card. BOOOOO I want 3% this year


How do they know?


Letter stated inconsistent purchasing patterns for a individual account.


Appreciate the response. Gotta admit this has been a concern for me.

I do not want to receive one of those letters after I have paid out my $59 based on their having accepted without protest or AA (adverse action) my spending patterns during the first year.

I am working hard to keep my monthly spending inside my credit line. Hope that practice will avoid AA and keep everything smooth and well oiled. Problem for me is, I do not know where the red line is, the one I’m seeking not to cross.


I assume I have successfully crossed this magical line


You’re in luck:

They dropped the signup bonus in favor of 3% UR for the first year.


Any chance I can upgrade a freedom card and get 3pts per $1


Call them and let us know what they say.


The timeframe has been way to short to establish any sort of “normal”, but Alliant has been sending these warning letters in advance of actually taking action. The primary issue seems to be making large (thousands of dollars) purchases from the same merchant over and over. Anything can happen, but the worst case seems to be that you need to knock it off when they tell you to knock it off. They arent being jerks about it, this has been one of my more reasonable and fair experiences with AA from a card issuer.


OMG That is exactly what I am doing. :worried:

To make matters even worse, for this quarter and likely well into Q3 my Alliant Signature grocery charges (at 3% reward) will be nonexistent since I will be using instead my Chase Freedom card at 5%. Those grocery charges, IMO, help to “humanize”, or “normalize” one’s purchase pattern.

Absent ability to make repeated large dollar purchases it is gonna be tough to profit from this card. My hope had been that if I operated inside my credit limit each month, if I did not spend more than my credit line on a monthly basis, I would be OK and avoid AA. But if there is jeopardy even inside your credit limit . . well . . I have no answer for that. :frowning_face:


How much spend are we talking? Are there a lot of large purchases from the same stores/vendors?


Lots of large purchases from 3 different merchants. Max amount is like 5-12k as one transaction


No one can say that there is “jeopardy”, either. As I said, this is all too new to have fleshed out any definitive criteria. But all indications are you’ll first get a warning if you are provoking their ire. so it’s nothing to be worried about until that happens. And if your spending habits have been consistent over the past year, you’d probably already have received that warning.


Thanks, glitch99. Appreciate the post.

Cannot say spending has been ongoing for long, surely not for a year. I’m only just ramping up . . . . . and now perhaps ramping down.:frowning_face: