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They must want customers more in my league. I rarely (as in 6x, ever) need to make $30k bill payments in a month, much less a day. For bill payment requirements of over $30k / day, you may want to get an account associated with a hedge fund. :wink:

Since my wife says I’m too juvenile to have senior moments, you must had two. Wasn’t Argyll’s Rule changed to Argyll’s Law. :roll_eyes:


I an Alliant member has sufficient money in her/his account, why is a limit needed at all? Anyway, I could live with $100K/day, total.


I think they are being prudent. Too high of limits and/or frequency could make the CU a great target for fraud.


You’re probably right. Just because I’m not smart enough to conjure how to perpetrate fraud on something like this, does not mean other, smarter, people are incapable of the act. :anguished:


If you’re suggesting a high weekly or monthly limit, but a limit nevertheless, I could go along with that.


I ACH’ed funds into Alliant Checking acct ($100K). I will be able to write a check now $100K.

By using the checking acct we can pay bills over the $30K. I didn’t know there was a limit of $30K for bill pay.


Guess that is OK. It has literally been years since I have paid bills using paper checks. I’m spoiled and too lazy to go back. :grinning:


Alliant has boosted our savings rate to 1.75% APY.

Every little bit helps.:neutral_face:


as an interested party here: about how much $ have folks here received in cash back on the 3%-2.5% card per year? I have the 3% ending in Aug…switching to 2.5% in 3 weeks. I recd 700.00. thru 8/2/18. But I did have many gift card mall purchases till they stopped it.


I got about $1400 back, with none of the purchases being gift cards.


good to know…thanks


What has you interested? Just for bragging rights? Or are you trying to ask-without-asking what volume can be done without raising Alliant’s ire?

If it’s the former, $700 cashback would’ve been a pretty bad month prior to their March crackdown, let alone for an annual total.

If the latter, I’ll point out that the card is specifically marketed to those spending at least $50,000 per year. So as long as you activity isnt littered with red herrings (like, $4k+/month (or $100+ cashback per month) shouldnt cause any issues. Your risks is more in what you are buying and where you are buying it, than how much you buy.


Ok. Just as you said: what amt. Will they tolerate? With the 59.00 fee, they should be a bit liberal…but with legit spend seems ok. I stopped gift card mall months ago. But seems like 1 visa 500 card with groceries so is ok. So far 1 or 2 per month.


Like I said, they market the card to people spending over $50k annually. Which is over $4k/month.


Has anybody had experience using Alliant Credit cards, notably the Platinum visa Signature with Plastiq to pay mortgages or other bills. For a 2.5% fee they pay certain items via check charging your credit card.

Recently they were forced to stop using most Visa’s for Mortgages without them being cash advances. They do decline to process if it will be treated as a cash advances. With my BOA Travel Rewards card they went through the process and then gave a warning that it could not be used for the payment (to a law firm) intended. The notice implied that it affected most bank Visas, but seemed to exclude credit union visas.

I tried my current Visa Platinum points and Plastiq seemed to accept it. I decided to upgrade to the Platinum Points Visa for the 3% for a year with the intention of using it here for my mortgage and other eligible expenses, plus all other living expenses I cannot get better cash back on (college tuition, taxes, etc.)


It’s unfortunate Plastiq has become so restrictive on the cards the allow. I’ve never tried an Alliant card with Plastiq so I’d just try it when you receive your new Platinum Points Visa and see if it works, and let us know your results.


Sounds like a lot of hassle to make .005 (1/2%)


I’ve used the Alliant Platinum Visa on Plastiq to pay bills and it works fine (no cash advance fee). I don’t have a mortgage, so I can’t comment on payments for that.


I tried my Alliant Visa (3%) with Plastique, and it could be registered, but it could not be used to pay either my mortgage or my law firm.


Savings Rate increased to 1.90%