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@olegos: If they are doing something behind the scenes (as another phatwallet forum poster reported he had heard about a year ago that 2018 was hopefully the target year) the reps you call or e-mail have no information about what is going on behind the scenes…His “contact” did mention that they aren’t rushing because it is a major project and they want to make sure that “they get it right”…so perhaps that will give you some comfort…

When i was saying i would liked to see the redo is i was really just hoping for perhaps some nicer type styles or something like that (which would not affect functionality) to make it a bit more modern looking and pleasing to the eye (ex: the way it looks in the mobile app) that’s all…i am not referring to the layout, features or functionality…I don’t see how a type style change would cripple browsers (lol)…

Again, i must repeat, if the information IS accurate (and i can’t get it confirmed anyway) then they are going to do what they are going to do…whether you like it, i like it, or anyone else…time will tell…No need to be concerned as i am not going to be asking them anymore…


Do you not hate when this happens? Up thread a bit, here:

Link to earlier post

I wrote a lengthy blah blah blah post about paying bills on a Sunday. Supervisor contacted back office for authoritative answer, blah blah blah, and so forth. Oh my goodness there was so much detail, all was right with the world, and I knew exactly what I was doing and how Alliant bill payer worked on Sunday.


So I just logged into my account to schedule the payment. Website refuses to allow me to schedule a Sunday payment, automatically moving date to Monday the eighth . . . . a holiday!!!

I will telephone Alliant today (Saturday) for answers, but I really do not expect anyone working today will know what is going on.

Everyone reading this post is well aware of the difficulty we all have obtaining straight, accurate, answers from financial institutions. I should have expected this and I’m an idiot because I did not.:grimacing:


Dont telephone Alliant on Saturday. It’s a holiday weekend, Monday is this weekend’s Sunday. And even if you could schedule a payment to be sent on Sunday night, the recipient still wouldnt receive/post it until Tuesday anyways, since Monday is a holiday. Being able to scedule a payment for Sunday night or Monday night this weekend has zero effect on you, the results would be the same either way.

You can be mad that it is a holiday weekend, but that isnt Alliant’s fault and there isnt anything Alliant can do about it. You might as well call them to complaint about not being able to schedule a payment to be sent Saturday night.


Yeah, it’s most likely hopeless. I realize that. But I did need to post regarding difference between what I was told several days ago . . in no uncertain terms . . and reality.


It is exactly how you were told. But over a long weekend with a Monday holiday, Monday is Sunday. For all but the most novice banking customers, this is rather basic common sense; there is no reason to accept payments for Sunday since they cant be sent until Monday anyways. It’s no different than with any bank anywhere - try to schedule a Monday payment right now, and Tuesday will be the earliest option.

I still dont understand what you think is “hopeless”. It’s completely irrelevant and has absolutely zero effect on you. The money is being delivered to your payee on Tuesday regardless.


Actually not at all what I was told when I telephoned Alliant. Do go back and read my first post on this. I specifically asked them about the Monday holiday and was told there was no service on that day . . . only on Sunday.


Shinobi, with all due respect, your previous post implied what you were told was anything BUT “in no uncertain terms”. The sad fact is that you are a lot more savvy about these things than the customer service rep you talked to. I find that often and it is frustrating as hell.


Well, it was not just a CSR, it was the supervisor. The woman did not strike me as lacking savvy. Alliant reps, generally, do good work and are not dummies.

My take on what happened is that the person in operations, whom the supervisor contacted trying to help me, really did not know the correct answer to my question but proceeded nevertheless to give the supervisor bad information. I can also offer the following:

My call to Alliant was initially answered by a front-line rep, as you would consider commonplace. I requested to speak with a person expert regarding the Alliant bill payer system. Apparently there is no such person there with whom members are permitted to converse. So my call was passed along, instead, to the supervisor. Supervisor, in effort to respond to my inquiry, contacted a back office person with whom I was not permitted to speak.

Actually it was a two step thing. I first asked about Sunday. Supervisor put me on hold, contacted operations, and came back to tell me Sunday is a good bill pay day at Alliant. Immediately thereafter I inquired about possibly scheduling my payment on Monday, instead. Again the supervisor put me on hold while she spoke once more with the back office. Answer came back that there would be NO bill payer service on Monday, that being a holiday.

I plan to wait until tomorrow (Sunday) and try again to schedule my payment. It’s always possible that, because of the holiday, the website messages are somehow messed up. I do vaguely recall, long ago, being successful scheduling a payment on a Sunday. Also, glitch99 confirmed existence of that same ability up thread.

It is possible Alliant is actually providing their customary Sunday service on Monday. That is what the website is indicating. But of course that is NOT what the operations person told the supervisor who was helping me. We shall see how everything turns out. I think there is a good chance it will be OK.


With all do respect, why make such a big deal in calling about a one day billpay and insisting on speaking with a back office senior? If you were with any other bank you should expect longer wait times for just about everything from billpay to ACH. Alliant is top notch the best. Tell me of a better alternative?

If you are so tight about a 25k billpay, test it out ahead of time to verify. No need to call them about such minute details. I totally understand the float, but why schedule at the last minute on a due date? Give a 3 or 4 day grace period at least. That should just be common practice to avoid issues. If a Sunday billpay delayed by a Monday holiday causes issues, I’d say it is your fault for not pre-planning, not theirs for having a holiday that is a standard delay with any bank you do business with.

A note to the wise: don’t pay your bill the day before it is due, and give due respect to weekends and holidays. It’s not Alliant’s fault for your lack of planning. Again, no disrepect intended, it’s just common sense.


We just have philosophical differences, I guess, on such as this. Where money is concerned, I am an unrepentant optimizer of all outcomes. It’s important you understand I do not intend to inflict my habits on you, or on anyone else. And I totally understand many folks are unwilling to tolerate the inconveniences I do readily and willingly, in order to achieve the absolute best possible outcome.

I also have witnessed any number of past instances where persons less inclined or driven to “squeeze the buffalo” are made uncomfortable by those of us who do so routinely and even innately. I’ve no solution, and I ask for your tolerance, given understanding is probably off the table.


Alliant bill pay continues today, Sunday, to disallow a payment this evening. The system is automatically re-scheduling payments to tomorrow, Monday, a holiday. While this is diametrically contrary to the information I was given late last week, it is great news if true. I mean, if they actually pay my bill tomorrow (Monday) that is the optimal outcome and I’m a happy camper. :grinning:

We shall see.:wink:


I would’ve thought you’ve been around enough to know that such answers from banks should be treated as guesses, not facts. That’s where forums like this can be so valuable, the only thing you can rely on is the actual experiences of others. Continuously pestering banks over such details is just wasting your time.


A sweet outcome for me with Alliant bill payer, despite their having fed me bad information. All is well that ends well. This ended as well as possibly could have been the case.

They told me Sunday payment dispatch, but not Monday, the holiday.

Reality was Monday payment dispatch, not Sunday.

It made no difference. Either way I avoided dispatching the payment the prior Friday, which would have been unwise.

And Alliant came through! They dispatched my payment straightaway on Monday evening as the website promised would happen. The payment arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and was immediately credited such that Argyll’s rule will be properly observed.:grinning:

This has been a good experience overall because it has forced me to focus on scheduling of payments on non-business days and the availability of service at Alliant for such days. Prior I was muddled and confused about such as that. I try to be a JIT (just in time) payer of money owed. Being able to dispatch a payment on a non-business day, and have that payment arrive the next business day, is a help. Alliant rocks!!


Hope you guys won’t freak out (lol) but yes, indeed there will be enhancements coming to Alliant Online Banking during 2019…They are spending TWO YEARS on this project, so i am sure it will be quite solid when introduced…you can’t say they rushed into this…I contacted the executive side of Alliant and they responded very promptly and while he wouldn’t going into specifics, it sounds like it will be phased in gradually, i would think…

As a result, i decide to make Alliant CU my main Bank once again…and very much looking forward to the changes that will be coming…Here is a paste-in of their reply:

Hello Craig,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out. Although we have not officially announced any updates, we are excited to inform you that enhancements are in the works and that you should start to see these over the next year. If there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know.



By the way, those here who freak out at the idea of a modernized, enhanced and improved online banking…keep in mind that was already done to the website and mobile app, and they are fine…so, no worries :wink:

And please do not contact them with negative comments…it’s going to be done…just accept it…also, i don’t think they really wanted me to give out this info, but i posted it as a courtesy, to give you a “heads up”…


Way I see it, no improvement of the website is prudent, necessary, or possible. It ain’t broke. So for God’s sake do not fix it.

Modernization far too often implies simplification, with the latter removing easy access to functions I use every day. The website becomes easier for dumbasses to use, and much more difficult to use for those of us who appreciate today’s HIGH level of functionality.

I have yet to encounter an internet website “improvement” or “modernization” which did not do serious harm to the website involved in the masacre.


Have to disagree with you, shinobi…I bank with Chase and some time ago they did a massive re-design of their online banking and not only does it look great but it functions very fast and efficiently and is a massive improvement over their previous online banking…Same thing with Citibank…so, just because enhancements are made, and perhaps a better look (which i think is welcome) doesn’t mean you can’t have efficiency too…

The idea that an online banking platform must look very plain jane and old fashioned to function properly simply is not the case from my experiences…


What Chase website is this? My experience with the new site is the complete opposite. It looks like it was designed by a 5 year old to be viewed on an Eye-Pad. It loads less than 50% of the time for me, and when it does load it constantly makes me prove my identity.

I don’t want bank sites to change. @shinobi is right now, they over-simplify these sites so they appear ‘prettier’ and then bury the needed stuff 3 menu layers deep.


Chase Online Banking works fine for me…loads in quick…i rarely have any log in problems…Everything is well laid out in the side bar and when i click on something, it responds quickly…i just tried it…works fine here…Anyway, the changes will come and i will make a bet that once it’s all set up, it will work just fine and be just as easy to use as the current version… :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh and prettier, just means nicer type styles that are easier on the eyes…maybe some nice colors…not plain print and a lot of grey like they have now which looks (to me) rather blah…


Guess what happens when a prettier website strolls down the block? Off craig10x goes again!