Amex Offers Thread

Amex Offers Thread


I was able to combine some AMEX offers with gift card offers. I got Seasons 52 $100 with bonus $20 GC and got $10 AMEX offer back (didn’t try to split it into 2 charges as they were busy).

I see $20 off $100 for Panera and if you buy $100 in GC you get $20 free GC so not bad to get $120 for $80. I don’t eat there very often so haven’t gotten it yet but wife got the free daily bagel so I go in about 4 times a week to pick that up :grin:


It would be useful to have ideas for how to use these offers, such as those that know the stores mentioning especially good deal.For instance, gift cards may prolong the life of an offer until you really can use it. Or if they sell gift cards for other stores, and you can use it for this, they may be more attractive.

For instance, with Hulu you can get a few months the premium service, and then downgrade to the regular for 5 months, and have it add up to just over $50.

I am curious as to how to use the Amex gift cards offer. With a high yielding credit card, there is only a small gain in buying gift cards, and then using them when you would have ordinarily used a credit card. What if any gateways can you use, and how may shipping be avoided? The biggest problem is unloading them when credit cards can usually be used. Is tax paying useful?

I have an apparently generous offer (spend $50 get $25 back) on which is a site that ships you a batch of clothes every so often, and you reportedly can keep only what you want. If the things they pick out for you are not too over priced you might come out ahead here, but I suspect not. Anyone have any experience?

Likewise Sun basket offers spend $60, get $30 back, but again I suspect that their prices are high enough so this is no bargain.

I have used the Puritan’s Pride, (spend $30 get $10 back) but to avoid shipping $50 needed to be spent, and somewhat higher prices than alternative sources left little savings.

I have made extensive use of the Life Extension offers (but I would be shopping there anyhow).

I have used offers, but the lack of a easy to use site with a favorites list (which would make it easy to assemble an order quickly) make the small savings possible not worth the trouble.


The bloggers cover the good ones. Dr of Credit. Frequent Miler.


Is there a suggestion if it’s best to have all your amex cards attached to one online account or all separate? I’ve seen both suggested in different areas. Looks like i will have 2 hilton aspires and 1 hilton ascend.
Gonna keep the “new” aspire from last year until ~23 monhths as it gets a free night at 12 months as part of the sign up offer and Amex terms now say you get blacklisted if you cancel in first 12 months. Gonna keep the “old” “new” aspire that is being converted from Citi Reserve and throw $15k (mostly going to try estimated income taxes) on it for 2 free nights ($10k spend on Hilton reserve + $15k spend on aspire), then kill or downgrade it.

May keep the brand new (10 minutes ago) Aspire for the Diamond status indefinitely, unless hilton devalues their points more.
Need to figure out some trips this year. Should have 5 free night certs. And have to spend the $250 now and I have too many HHonors points.


Fark me. Got the aspire in January. Paid ~$220 credit (instead of points) one night in february to use up the $250 hilton credit. But now there’s an Amex offer for $45 off $250 good at Hiltons. Could have combined with the statement credit.


Some nice offers on most business cards:
10% back at Lowes/ up to $100 back (1k spend)
10% back at Staples/ up to $100 back (1k spend)
10% back at ExxonMobil (directly at pump) up to $100 back (1k spend)
10% back at up to $1500 back (15k spend)
10% back at Fedex freight up to $1000 back (10k spend)


There’s a $20 off of $60 offer for Google Express I have added on my cards expires 7/1. Potentially combined with TMobile Tuesday 25% off code for $40 off of $80. (Up to $60 off $160)


Been way behind on this, not much left for the end of June. I’ll report back in a few days to see if they have new offers for July.

Side note: on my BCE, got a upgrade offer in my AMEX offers, there’s a $150 bonus/$2000 spend and waived first year AF.


Get a one-time $15 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one or more transactions online at by 7/31/2018

  • “Expires” : 7/31/2018
  • “Cards”: [“Everyday”, “Blue”]


Lots of new offers dropped this morning. Check your cards.

Notable offers on my Blue card

Best Buy $300/$30 back
Bed Bath and Beyond $25/$5 back
Etsy $40/$10 back


I don’t get any good offers, so I haven’t been using my cards. So I don’t get any good offers :frowning:.


There’s also this real crappy thing happening where Amex has a low cap on these offers now. I woke up this morning saw the Best buy offer. I decided to add it to as many cards as I could and spent 20 minute doing that. By lunch time it was gone, reached max number of redeems.

If you can’t put your life on hold for a $30 deal you’ll never even have seen it on your card.


Thanks for the reminder. I was able to get the BB&B and Total Wine 20 off 100.


Just got $5 off $25 for Staples.


Change is in the air for amex offers. Read the T&C for the Staples offer carefully – it says limit 1 per Member (not per card or per online account like all the other offers before it). I was able to “add” this offer to two cards (two browsers, separate logins), but it later disappeared from the second card.

(also this offer is in-store only)


I don’t like to see this, but Amex’s offers for me have been less that appealing lately. Last year, I actually looked forward to logging in and checking them. Now, I only do it once a month, or so.

The quality of the offers may have something to do with usage being for groceries and gas only, but it’s always been used that way.


Yeah, lots of stuff on the blogosphere (Boardingarea, Doctor of Credit) etc on Amex Offers. I was not able to have multiple offers per card stick. Yesterday’s offers are only sticking to 1 card. Older offers are still on all applicable cards.

Best to only put your Staples Amex Offer on a card that also has the 10% off of office stores Amex Offer, if you’re lucky enough to get both :slight_smile:

Similarly, if you have both the Macy’s 15 off 100, and 10% off department stores offer, then you have a nice stack.


QuikTrip Stores
Spend $5 or more, get $5 back. Up to 3x


Uber: Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $15+ in one or more transactions with Uber or Uber Eats by 12/10/2018.


Amex Offers just got a little less valuable, as I started getting this message when I had already added an offer to another card (e.g. AU card) on the account:

I always added AUs to cards and set up separate online profiles in order to be able to take advantage of useful offers on multiple cards. Now, it seems like the offers are one per account. :frowning: