Any benefit to additional amex cards?

Any benefit to additional amex cards?


I have a Citi HH reserve ($95 fee, posts in November) I did not product change in time and citi will not allow product change, I can only cancel. They are likely selling to Amex, and it will be converted to an Amex Hilton Surpass by 2018.

I recently applied and already have an Amex Surpass card, my only Amex card. Considering just closing the citi card at this point. My other option would be letting it change to Amex and then downconvert to no fee Amex Hilton. But, I’d have to call in again and argue for a fee refund, which they provided no options last month when I tried to product convert. (This would be calling After the fee posts Next month, though)


One negative is it takes up a “spot” that another Amex CC could occupy.


Well I could always close it if I get 5 though… No plans anytime soon.


More Amex Offers?


Yeah. Don’t know if I can avoid $95 wasted fee though


Hilton’s garbage. Better off paying rack rate or using Chase UR, thus better off building Chase UR over HHonors points. I’d cancel both of them, providing you’ve hit the bonus requirements on the new one. Is there a reason you’re married to them?


Disagree. Hilton points have lost value but you’re much cheaper booking direct through Hilton. Gold gets decent breakfast at Garden Inns (where I stay most).
I generally book through Hilton’s site at 10-20% off rack rates (what 3rd party sites would charge). Then you usually get about 15-20% ($value) worth of points. (15pts/$ + 2.5/$ for gold + quarterly promo, currently 10/$ = 27.5/$, plus credit card 12/$, plus a ~500 or 1000 / stay = >39.5/$ currently. You lose that by booking third party as you suggested. Along with no corp rates, no status benefits, and no room selection.) I can do a specific stay example showing the large pricing difference if it’s useful.
The card I hold for only the gold because I wouldn’t get it organically.

I have no plans for actual spend to go on the amex, not even Hilton stays. 12 H H points is worth about 5cents, only marginally better than 4.5cents from CSR. Agreed with their point inflexibility. The new cards bonus lasts 2years - 100k points after opening spend plus 1 free night the 2nd year.


As to why I have used Hilton’s most… Almost always have came out cheapest and the HGIs have been very consistent. I’ve stayed at quite a few HGIs and regular Hilton’s, and breakfast at hotel saves time (but costs $12-$25/day per person if not free from status.)

Hyatts are more expensive plus impossible to “buy” hyatt status cheaply.


I’ve read about trade in AU for credit rehab. This would give you more slots to sell.


amex no longer saleable typically as AU report date added as AU and not original acct open date


Thanks for the thread! Just realized I have two of those Citi nights expiring soon.


Thanks for the valuable info! Any advice where to sell?


I haven’t stayed in a hotel since 2014, but is this the same rack rate that’s on the back of the door, or is there a new definition - what you put in parenthesis.


Additional benefits? Amex offers.

Downsides? If you or one of your AUs gets Financial Reviewed, there’s a good chance it will spread. I am dealing with this now. My AMEX accounts were cancelled (shut down) and on Monday all of my AUs (immediate family) got FR’d.

Edit: Misread OP to mean extra AUs and not extra cards. oops.


Not back of the door. I’m referring to the current “full price” for that room/stay. AAA/AARP/Prepay/CorporateRates/PromoRates are generally all based off of the same base rate.


“Lowest Flexible Rate” is full retail in this context.


You’re right. I should have said “Best Available Rate” instead of rack rate. I used the wrong term.


Sorry, I wasn’t trying to pick nits. It had just been drummed into my head many years ago that the rack rate was the maximum rate the establishment could charge for the room. Of course I heard that when I had hair, so it may no longer be correct. :slight_smile:


CPB with AmEx is a no-no.


AKA you failed FR. What’d you lie about on the application(s)? If you don’t lie, you typically don’t get completely shut down. If anything, you get a CL reduction.