Anyone use US Mobile? Prepaid cell reseller

Anyone use US Mobile? Prepaid cell reseller


They seem to have really cheap rates for lowish usage. Would be perfect for a tablet or other non phone device. They seem to be 3g/4g on GSM and LTE on either Verizon or Sprint, whichever one is CDMA. No intl roaming tho,


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I don’t know why these providers even offer larger amounts of data at ludicrously high prices. There can’t actually be people paying them for the larger data buckets?

It’s $79+taxes for a single line of their unlimited plan. And metro is $50 for 1, 80 for 2, 100 for 4 lines. With over double the depri bucket.

Does seem like pretty low rates for the 100min/100mb/100text, for single line anyways at $9-$10. But usmobile’s prices say they’re excluding taxes. If they’re really only $1 taxes is not bad but if they have $5 “taxes” not as good.

We’re paying around this on Tmobile itself but only with a large multiline plan, not a single line plan (those are $$$$$). We’re paying around an average price of $12.44 per line all-in for <2GB One Plus, or $18.67 for >2GB One Plus.

Edit: We don’t actually need all the lines we have currently though (2 mostly unused), so our effective per line costs are a little higher.