Banks that allow ACH push without account verification (trial deposits,etc)

Banks that allow ACH push without account verification (trial deposits,etc)


Original thread started by jfat10. Information is dated and possibly inaccurate. Needs updating.

I can’t find much info about banks that allow ACH push without having to do account verification of some sort (trial deposits or login).

I want to send money via ACH to anyone using only a routing and account number. You can easily do this in most countries outside the USA.

Basically, I want the functionality of a wire transfer without the fees…(hmm, maybe that’s why USA banks are stuck in the past: they make tons of money from wire transfer fees)

Here’s the list, any others?


  • AAFCU (billpay)
  • American Heritage Federal Credit Union (billpay)
  • USAA
  • Bank of North Carolina (billpay)
  • Consumers Credit Union (billpay)
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union (billpay)
  • Northwest Federal Credit Union (billpay)
  • Susquehanna Bank (billpay)


  • Skrill/Moneybookers
  • (not free - fees depend on bank) Message edited by: jfat10 on 2013-01-25 19:16:54 CST

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Don’t most business accounts allow this? Not for free but for much less than a wire. For B2B payments or payroll deposits.


Possibly. I’m not familiar with business accounts, but with services like Zelle coming on to the scene, this feature is probably less important than it once was. Still I moved the thread over incase others are interested.


Santander Bank does it.

Banks offering instant verification (i.e.without trial deposits):
Ally, PNC & Santander and Capital One 360 to certain banks.


This thread is about banks that offer linking with no account verification. This is different than banks that offer instant verification because some verification is still required.


That what Santander bank does.

However, I also find it very useful to know the banks which offer instant verification. I don’t think that extra information is going to harm anyone :slight_smile:


I would never try this.

Even if a 3d party ACH goes through fine, it generally will be under the assumption that you’re on both accounts. If you are not, you’re liable to be banned from the service. Checkfree is notorious for doing this.


Yes. Linking is for “same name” transfers. You want an ACH payment service.


I have a Wells Fargo (WF) Simple Business Checking account ($500 balance to remain fee free). WF has a service called Direct Pay for business accounts. It does exactly what you are looking for.* Direct Pay costs $10 per monthly billing cycle plus a per payment fee. Payments to non-WF personal bank accounts are $.50 per payment. Payments to WF personal accounts are free. Payments made to business bank accounts are $3 each.

*There is actually a “verification deposit” of $0.00 that shows up in the account you are sending to, but no “verification steps” like trial deposits with amounts that need to be confirmed.

Depending on how often you need to do this, this is pretty cheap. I use it to mimic direct deposits for bank account opening bonuses. Since most bonuses are over $200, the $10/mo is totally worth it for peace of mind if I have to dispute with the bank that I got a direct deposit rather than just a simple ACH from one of my other bank accounts.


Great tip meed18, thanks for sharing!