Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


The Share account is considered savings, so the Reg D 6 transactions should apply, even to the checking and savings accounts.


Folks, I’m going to give this one a try. (Grow FFCU

I have an old HSBC account that I haven’t used for a while, but I still have it open. Liquid funds that pay 2.75% are to good to pass up. Yes, I don’t like the 6 monthly withdrawal drawback but, I can cope with that. ACH transfers (for me) will come in & out of other accounts & connect with Grow.

I still like my EBSB account even with the 3 day hold on funds. It will be easy enough to keep money there as a holding spot. There is no $ limit on inward bound transfers & outward is $150K.

So a new plan is sit to go!! Unless I read of some pitfall here.


I’m all in on this one as well. Bank is getting slammed with calls but that’s to be expected in that they are offering the highest rate on a liquid account with a 12 month rate guarantee!!!


Yeah, I’m also a go with Grow. But have been unable to reach a person who can complete my membership. Hope account remains available when (if) I’m finally able to break through.


Uh oh!! Ken just squirrelled the Grow deal with an update. Appears as if, yeah, we can join . . . but we still cannot access the 2.75% deal!!! Read Ken’s update first, then the comments.

Bad totem. Watch out!!


shinobi, I filled out the membership app last night. Everything went very well, in 15+ minutes I had my acct #. I enrolled in online banking shortly afterward. I had a problem with password & called the # listed & a nice man walked me through. I can log into acct now but it show $1 in savings hasn’t processed yet.

Of course last night they were not busy like today. I remember you telling us all, if we see something that looks good, don’t waste time. So I followed your advice.


Well, once again, membership is not the issue. Ken does not challenge our ability to achieve membership.

Instead, Ken is saying that the 2.75% APY MM deal is not being offered to all members!! Be certain to read his Grow update. It is prominently displayed.


shinobi, when I log into my account, I can see where I can add the MM deal to the acct. Right now I am adding a few CU’s which I will get the small deposits in the Savings acct. When that is complete I will ACH transfer money into the savings acct. From the Savings I will transfer money over to the opened MM account. It looks like the same system Andrews CU had.

This is my plan!! Just hoping there is no glitch!!


That is remarkable stuff, pattyb53! I hope it works out for you.

Go get 'em!!


All credit for this success to pattyb53, a very plucky lady if I say so myself. Again, for EMPHASIS, all credit to pattyb53. I hope that is clearly understood.

Based on her post, above, I applied and gained entry into Grow with no issues. My funding was via credit card . . . made a few bucks on that. :grinning:

After logging into my new Grow account I was not able to locate a path to open a new MM Promo (Grow’s name for this) account. Did find ways to open other sorts of accounts, but not the one I wanted.

Q: So Shin, what did you do next?

I telephoned Grow, spoke with a rep, and explained what I wanted to do . . . . namely to open a new MM Promo account. Keep in mind my savings was already open, awaiting funding from my credit card.

The rep said “no problem” and he opened the MM Promo account for me straightaway. But there was the matter of funding. It takes at least $1000 before you can earn the high 2.75% APY promo rate.

Rep said not an issue if the MM Promo funding takes a few days, long enough for me to set up an ACH link and then send in the dough.

So bottom line, thanks again to pattyb53, am happy camper sitting here with a MM account that pays 2.75% APY rate locked for one year.

Life is good!:joy:


shinobi, Thanks for the credit.

After I read your post I thought I better give Grow a call to make sure I had done everything correctly. I had added the MM acct on my own & it showed no % rate. It is a little confusing. The rep told me that it was correct & would show the % of interest when I transferred funds into Savings & moved the money over to the MM act.

You know that after as many Account openings that we have all made, each one can be different. :wink:


How did you & Shinobi join the GROW CU?
Shinobi , was cc funding not a cash advance…may I ask which cc?


Different people are choosing different paths in. I went with the Friends of US Military Families. Cost was $5 and a good cause it seems to me. I posted up thread a link to the starter page for membership application. In that drop down menu you find there I made my choice and then went forward from there.

After gaining Grow membership I went over to the Friends of US Military Families website and paid my $5 using PayPal. Kept a copy of my receipt as membership proof on chance it might be requested by Grow. You never know. :wink:


Dunno yet. Will not know for a few days. Used Freedom CU CC. Have had good luck with that card elsewhere . . . . but you never know.

Should it turn out to be a CA I will just flip the money to Freedom CU and pay off the charge very quickly. They do not charge a lot of interest in any event. This morning I had to pay all of eleven cents in interest for a CA from February of the same size that I paid off quickly.


You earned it, pattyb53. So happy I listened to you instead of Ken Tumin!:grin:

Only thing remaining a mystery for me is how you were able to open the MM Promo account on your own, without calling them. I could not find the way to do that. Oh, well. We both have the account and that is what really matters. 2.75% APY is a high interest rate for liquid funds. And the one year rate lock is nothing short of amazing! Where else can you find a deal like that with NCUA insurance to boot and no maximum.


One more thing shinobi.

How does your MM acct on your online site list the account? Mine says Money Market. Does yours say MM Promo? If that is the case I’m going to have to call again.


Forget that last post shinobi.

I checked my account again & now it says… Money Market Promo.

Happy Days are here again…:wink:


RE:“No ACH transfers directly out of the Money Market account. Funds must be transferred from the Money Market account to a Grow Financial checking or savings account, and then an ACH transfer can be initiated. There are no dollar limits on ACH transfers.”
Is this only for xfrs initiated at GROW FCU? Anyone know if transfers out &in of the GROW 2.75apy promo money market could be initiated at an external bank?


So I’m in the same boat as shinobi and pattyb53 as far as membership and MM account. Did you all also open a checking account for ach transfers? I am not seeing an easy way around the $5 monthly fee for that which is annoying.


zzz, I’m going with the savings for my ACH transfers. One is probably as good as the other.


The rep who assisted me gave me their special account number, for ACH purposes, to allow me to transfer funds via ACH directly into my new Grow MM Promo account. Here is the structure of that special ACH account number:


In the above, the X’s are my seven-digit Grow account number, the one I received at time of joining the credit union.

I cannot be absolutely certain the last number, 8, will be the same for everyone. It probably is, but it might be best to telephone them and double check.

I have in process, at Alliant, establishment of a direct ACH link between Alliant and my Grow MM Promo account. Soon as that link is finalized I will be ACHing money from Alliant to Grow. Funding for my Grow savings is proceeding on a separate track, credit card. Once those funds are available in savings I will transfer most of that money to MM Promo as well. But it’s not enough by itself to reach the $1000 threshold, so the ACH money is also needed.

I did not open a Grow checking account. I see no need for that account at this time.