Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts


Please refer to my post just above. No question you can push money directly into your Grow MM Promo. Pulls? I dunno for sure. Am not at that point yet.

For certain, in either instance, initiation of ACH would be at a financial institution external to Grow.


Now I know. Charge settled into my Freedom CU CC account over last night. It is not a cash advance, but is instead on the credit side of the account. Life is good. :grinning:

OK, sure, it’s only five bucks. But you take your victories where you find 'em. That five bucks pays my fee to join Friends of US Military Families . . . . so I join Grow for free and contribute to a good cause at the same time. What’s not to like about that?


As usual shinobi, you have all the good info.

I just called Grow about transferring funds directly into our MM Promo acct. This being Saturday the rep had never heard of their Promo MM account. It’s true as others at Ken’s site have said, there is no info on the site about this promo. (but we knew about it early from shinobi)

But back to my question to her. She didn’t know anything except “ACH funds to Savings then transfer to MM account” I would rather have that special acct # for ACH purposes. But I will call again Monday.

Actually I have already started the process for ACH Transfers using my Savings acct. I suppose that will work, but it’s an extra move. shinobi, how do you get these good, knowledgeable agents when you call?


Is being on the American Consumer Council by itself good enough for memebership? I saw some wording that said being on it and living in xyz so was confused whether I would have to choose another like the one shinobi did.


I thank zjts for this post. I believe those words might have come from Ken’s website. Whether thanks to this post by zjts, or just on my own, I’m not certain. But I have re-visited, re-thought, this matter as follows:

The rep who helped me, who worked with me, to come up with the ACH account number for my new Grow MM Promo account never said a word about withdrawals. The entire discussion at that point centered on account funding. Period. Obviously this means we were exploring a more straightforward means for me to deposit money into my new account in order to get it up and running.

Hence there is no inconsistency between the above post by zjts and my experience. zjts is posting regarding withdrawals from the Grow MM Promo account. Without knowing absolutely for certain, I have to allow it is entirely possible the credit union disallows such withdrawals to be done via direct ACH.

I may learn a bit more shortly. As I wrote above, I am in process of establishing an ACH link between Alliant and Grow, directly to my MM Promo account. As those of you familiar with Alliant are aware, they do both a test deposit and a test withdrawal as part of their ACH testing protocol. If the deposit executes and the withdrawal does not it will be a tip off, a confirmation, that Grow does not allow direct withdrawals from their MM Promo accounts. We shall see what happens and I will report back once there is something to report.


Dunno. But I recall when joining Sharonview, they wanted a regionally restricted version of ACC and all I had was the national version . . . . which I tried to use. Sharonview rebuffed my attempt and forced me to choose a different route entirely to eligibility qualification.

In a related matter, I am an HSBC customer . . . but not an HSBC member insofar as I’m aware. I do have, and use, an HSBC credit card. Does that make me a “member”? I do not think so, but cannot say for certain. Rather than possibly have to hassle my way through such as that, I simply bought a Friends of US Military Families membership for five bucks. I have the PayPal receipt, which I printed out and am keeping a copy in my Grow folder, as proof of membership should Grow ever challenge me. Grow is a military-oriented credit union so best, I thought, to join the team and cast aside all doubt.



Speaking of Sharonview, did you notice the lovely 4% rate of interest we just received. Love it, but it’s my only 4 yr CD, it matures in 2023 ( my DL ends that year). I never go for this long a CD, & I missed out on another one that was offered about the same time.

But back to this one, Grow FFCU. I can see my small deposits in the Savings today. I ACH transferred money from my EBSB to Grow this morning, so it should show up tomorrow. Then I will find out how you move those funds over to the MM Promo acct.


You’re at least one day ahead of me, pattyb53. I have nothing yet. Hopes are high for tomorrow morning, though.:grinning:


OK, I (finally) have something to report:

My test deposit, from Alliant, was in my Grow MM Promo account this morning . . . early.

However, importantly:

The Alliant test withdrawal, which we all know they attempted, was NOT honored by Grow!!

Q: So Shin, you made money on this deal. Right?

Yes, I made a whopping $0.95, but that is certainly NOT the point. The point is that, as other posters have said, the Grow MM Promo account does not permit ACH withdrawals. In this regard it appears to me akin to NFCU’s savings account, which possesses the same wacky characteristic.

Q: So now you have to establish a second ACH link at Grow, this time to your savings?

That certainly appears to be the case. But I can move funds right now directly into Grow’s MM Promo, so I’m a happy camper.


I just discovered something at Grow that really bothers me.

The small transfer deposits that I made a couple days ago count against the 6 electronic movements that we are allowed each month. Yesterday I ACH transferred money into Grow Savings. Today when I transferred those funds over to the MM Promo account, it showed I had 2 electric transfers left. That’s it for the month!!

I certainly called & asked about the electric transfers left for the month. NO GO! She said this is the state law. She said I could mail a check, but no more than 1 more ACH this month.


Regulation D is a pestilence, pattyb53. This is unvarnished fact which survives any and all possible challenge or doubt.

The problem with ACHing money first into Grow savings, thence from there transferring over into Grow MM Promo, is that the consequent withdrawal from savings runs up the Regulation D count in your Grow savings. 'Tis better to deposit the money, via ACH, straightaway into your Grow MM Promo. Leave savings out of it except when you need to withdraw funds from Grow itself. At that point, of course, you have no choice but to use savings.

I posted above a formulation for anyone’s Grow MM Promo account number for ACH purposes. Use that as a starting point, call them, and check to be certain you have constructed the number correctly.

This Grow MM Promo account is looking really, really good. I am so pleased to have it and I feel very fortunate. Thanks again to you, pattyb53, for your leadership. You are the best!


On a personal note I am finally commencing closing of my old AgFed NPCD accounts. It has taken a long time for something to come along to cause that. The Grow MM Promo account is that “something”.:wink:


OK shinobi. I think you must have had a very competent rep that opened your MM Promo acct number for ACH purposes. The rep that helps you out makes a big difference, & they all don’t give the same advice.

So my story is, I made a second call after my original post today. The second rep helped me a lot. She said what are you trying to achieve? I said I want a Grow MM Promo acct # for ACH purposes. She said we don’t have such a thing. (of course I know they do) But she told me I should open a Checking # & I wouldn’t have to worry about Reg D count. So she opened this one, it’s called “Cash Back Checking Acct”. No fees involved because my MM Promo acct will have a good balance to offset the $200. minimum balance required.

I do have to get the small deposits again for the Checking Acct. But I’m much happier now with this Grow FFCU MM Promo 2.75%…


That’s interesting. I was told all of the checking accounts they offer have a $5 monthly fee which can be waived by having a monthly or more often direct deposit and 5 debit card transactions a month. This is why I didn’t open one.


Yes zzz. Grow has 2 different Checking Accts.

I decided not to take the Checking acct you mentioned. We are really only here for their 2.75% MM Promo acct. I choose the Cash Back Checking Acct. It requires 200. monthly balance for no fee. The Rep said as long as I have a fair amount of 's in the MM acct, that would off set the fee.

As I said earlier, it makes a big difference, the Rep you end up with, when calling. Some are smarter & more helpful than others.


OK, guys, I am back here posting with egg on my face and offering my apology. What I posted up thread was true at the time . . . honest. But then stuff changed, stuff I did not see coming.

First, that ninety-five cents I posted about, the trial deposit, WAS withdrawn from my MM Promo. But the withdrawal was delayed and dated one day later than the deposit. We all know, with Alliant, the trial deposit and trial withdrawal are sent simultaneously. I have no explanation as to why they became separated at Grow.

Q: Shin, you said direct withdrawals from MM Promo accounts are impossible. Have you changed your mind?

I now have no opinion on that question. So many other posters have indicated direct withdrawals from MM Promo are disallowed, I am in no position to disagree. Yet my $0.95 WAS withdrawn, directly, on a delayed basis. I cannot explain it.

Q: Anything else?

You bet. On 5 March I initiated, at Alliant, a direct ACH deposit targeted for my Grow MM Promo account. This was the deposit intended to put me over the $1000 threshold so I would start earning 2.75% on my MM Promo account.

Q: Today is March sixth. Any problems with the aforementioned ACH?

Just the opposite. The EXACT amount of money I ordered Alliant to send, via ACH to Grow, on the fifth . . . . actually appeared in my Grow MM Promo account dated March 5!

Q: Shin, that is impossible. Have you seen your doctor recently? Perhaps you should schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist?

Honest to God that is what I’m seeing this morning! I never before have experienced ACH service that fast. And, sorry, I obviously can offer no explanation whatsoever. I am nonplussed.


Sounds like all is well. I guess it doesn’t matter how you get there. It’s the results that count!!

My story is turning out good also. I now have 3 accounts with Grow: Savings, MM Promo & Checking. I added the small deposits to the Checking & this morning I added funds to the Checking, which should show up there tomorrow.

One thing that bother’s me a bit. You can’t see the 2.75% rate in the MM Promo acct. The Rep said we will see the rate when it posts at the end of the month. So we will see…


Agreed. I am confused but it’s a good kind of confusion. :grin:

Anyway, somebody over on Ken’s website finally posted about getting the MM Promo deal . . . despite Ken’s erroneous “update”.

But Ken’s Grow blogpost over there has by now become so buried I doubt many of his visitors will see that post.

Even still today 2.75% APY continues to be an outstanding rate of interest for liquid accounts. Ken really let his readers down.

And I agree it would be a good thing if we could see the interest rate right now. Guess we will have to hope for the best.


Glad you two were able to get in. Was a little to much jumping through hoops for me especially at same time as closing out of wells fargo and transferring my roth and traditional ira, banking and checking accounts elsewhere. I stayed with them way to long with issue after issue occurring with them.


Understood, Famewolf. And nobody is blaming you for wanting out of WF. What a trash landfill that bank has become.

But, hey, I believe the Grow deal remains open even now! If you’re finally finished at WF and into the clear air, there is lots of information up thread right here and nothing stopping you from taking a shot at Grow. We never should look back. Always must focus on the future. And 2.75% APY on liquid funds continues to be the best liquid deal out there . . . at least as far as I know.

It’s time to get crackin’!!


Did yall ever nail down whether the $5 fee for Checking is waived if you have the MM? Still in middle of WF. Funds from liquidation of brokerage account were supposed to be available TODAY so I could wire them…not in the account when I checked. I agree it’s a good deal.