Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

I misunderstood. I didn’t realize you were referring to an email saying that you owe $0. I don’t really consider emails “bills.” But it is a useful notification that your statement is ready. Most of my credit cards send emails with the “your statement is ready” wording. Back when I had my cards set up in BoA to send me eBills, I would occasionally get emails with “You have a new eBill from XYZ” as the subject line where it said my amount due and account balance were $0.00. I found it useful.

Yes. If Chase and Citi had branches all over the country like BoA, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the same policy. Chase might eventually now that they are expanding and allowing accounts to be opened online nationwide.

Target did this. They recently changed their format to omit the balance due. Since I don’t shop there with any predictable regularity, I have to log in to view the statement to see that I owe nothing and have just wasted my time. I’d rather have the former situation where a quick delete of the email is all that’s required.


BOA pays :slight_smile: Some banks put that type of wording with a clause indicating open must be open to receive deposit, etc. Maybe someone at BOA forgot some words.

Well, I’ll miss the 3 months window for the WF’s Propel card’s initial bonus for sure now. So I’m thinking about paying my property tax early. It will cost me a 2.35% fee to use CC to pay property tax but I figure the $300 return is worth it as the fee will cost me about $58.

I checked with doctor’s office and they accept Discover so I’ll probably get the Discover to get the 1st year 2x bonus.

Thanks for the help…

I have done property tax or income tax multiple times, although recent years it’s been less frequent but much larger than $300 opening bonuses. It may cost less than you put in the example. If the card earns 1% cash value, subtact that from 2.35%. Net fee to charge is thus only 1.35%


The idea of making a large purchase on the BOA card in a category you just switched to seems sensible.

Another possible strategy is to have a card on dining from the previous month to get the 3% (5.25% with the Platinum status). Near the end of the quarter, if you have not used up your quarterly rewards limit ($2500 in spending per quarter), switch to another category (say online purchases) and then buy a gift card to earn the full rewards (say a Amazon one, if you regularly spend a lot there). Then at the start of the next quarter, switch back to dining (which includes fast food).

Also, if married wife may be willing to get a card, and use it for a different category, or for extra spending in online purchases (where we spend a lot).

If you can get the Komen Mastercard, you appear to get the same benefits, and a little bit extra goes for breast cancer. This has recently come out of the “sock drawer” due to their new improved rewards scheme, since 5.25% on one more category is ice.

A major advantage of the $300 offer is not the cash, but having a BOA bank account qualifies you for their rewards program if you have a certain value of total relationship (including Merrill accounts). With a $100,000 relationship (possibly 99,999.99 in Merril IRA and .01 on deposit at BOA), your 3% becomes 5.25%, and you get 100 free trades. You can usually pick up an additional reward by bringing assets into Merrill.

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Costco Anywhere Visa no longer has FTF.

It never had FTF. I guess this wasn’t mentioned in the wiki, but now it is.

No FIDO parent thread so here we go. “Free” Costco membership ($40 statement credit + $20 Costco cash card) for FIDO cardholders only. Valid for new Costco memberships only. To qualify as a new member, an existing Costco membership must be expired for 18 months or more.


There are three posts about this and none of them correctly point out that this is targeted. Elan Financial does deals like this occasionally (I got a movie, popcorn, drink, and $20 Visa gift card from them recently), and they are directed to only a small subset of the card holders.

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I don’t see anything in the T&C saying its targeted. What am I missing?

Possibly the fact that you didn’t get invited to participate in the offer, and the word “Select” in the offer.

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Yeah, I skipped right to the T&C. Thanks.

For those looking for a Visa, Chase Freedom Unlimited is offering double rewards for the 1st year ( 3% ) up to $20k in purchases, 1.5% after that. No annual fee.

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Unless you are a big spender, it would make more sense to get something with a large signup bonus like the Sapphire Preferred.


Not sure if there was a $300 signup bonus for the Propel before but I got that offer in the mail today.

Just got another 5% up to 2500 pt ($500 spending) offer from Citi. I noticed if I let that card sits for a while then I will get such offers. I just usually spend it on a GC at grocery store then put the card back in the drawer.

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Targeted offer from USAA;

Rewards Amex Card – $200 after $500 spending by 11/30/19.
0% APR on purchases, balance transfers, and convenience checks until 1/1/2021. (3% fee for BTs and convenience checks).

3% dining, 2% groceries and gas.

They sent me a better one. I actually do use the citi cards… But ONLY on purchases that will get $$$ back from price rewinds. Probably makes my Citi card end up being the card with the highest overall cashback on purchases (30%?)