Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

Best Reward / Cash Back Credit Cards

I received an offer for USAA Amex last month. Bonus offers were $25 for first purchase, and $175 for $500 spending within 90 days. I thought it would be like NFCU and be 90 days until the bonus. However, the bonuses and rewards were available as soon as the charges posted.

Another part of the offer is 0% APR on purchases until 01/01/21.

This was a targeted offer, but the $25 back after first purchase is available to everyone.

This is a no-fee card with 3% back on dining out, and 2% back on groceries and gas.

Amex almost always posts bonuses a couple days after the required charges have posted. Whether this be miles, points, or statement credits.

Chase almost always posts a day or two after the statement date, assuming the required charges have posted a few days before the statement date. Again, the same whether miles, points, or statement credits. Exception is “funds” like CSR travel funds, which will post the same time as the related charges post.

Is the card serviced by Amex? Or by usaa?

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This card also posted the rewards the day the charges posted.

I’ve had Amex Blue Cash for 6 years and the rewards are not posted until two statement dates later, so one is waiting at least 4-5 weeks and sometimes as much as 9-10 weeks to use the rewards.


I should have clarified. I meant bonuses for spending thresholds and targeted offers. Such as when you open the card or if they send you a “Spend $XX, receive__” offer. I don’t have any Amex cards worth regular spending category bonuses to me. Even referral bonuses from Amex have showed up for me usually on the day after the other person’s card was approved.

Does the Blue Cash also delays those bonuses? If so it would be great I would learn new info. If they do I wonder if they selectively delay things based on the customer. (I have gathered that you MS, I do not.)

Full_Disclosure also pointed out a relevant detail that I overlooked. If it’s only Amex network and not Amex administered, it’s more likely to do its own thing