CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread


Nice. Have you ever dealt with this bank? I’ve never heard of them.


No, I haven’t. They have an overall institutional health grade of “A” and there’s some information about ableBanking over at



Try searching this thread for “Able Banking”.


CD Bank’s 12mo CD up to 2.50% APY; 10K minimum deposit; available nationwide. Also has the following: 3mo (1.90% APY), 6mo (2.10% APY), 9mo (2.25% APY)


Ken just went up with a bevy of CommunityWide FCU CD offerings. You might want to visit his page and have a look.

I happen to be a CommunityWide member. There has been nothing going on there for a while. But now they have broken through the “three for five” barrier. I might decide to kick in a couple of bucks. Thinking about it.


Wow! 3 for 3. The new “standard” to match or beat. I’m still unwilling to tie up my money that long…I’m sticking with savings/checking, no penalty and 1 year cd’s until such time as things appear to “stagnate” unless a really good one comes along…I locked in a 72 month 3% at andrews a year or two back and it’s doing ok. I finally got my money over to northern (other than initial 5k)…ended up paying $20 to agfed for a wire to ally (free incoming wires) then ach’d to Northern same day…As someone pointed out Northern charges $15 for incoming and I didn’t see much point in paying it for 1 day faster.

Now I have Northern, Northpointe and Northeast bank (Able Banking)…have to be real careful on my transfer’s. :wink:


Understood. That is my approach as well, though with different alternatives. But I am playing “wait and see”, too.

Still, I might drop in a small amount of money at CommunityWide on the “bird in the hand” theory. This thinking likely is influenced by the fact of my already being a member there, so easy for me to do a small deal.

I mean, where else today, right now, are you gonna get 3.3%? Bet the farm? No chance whatsoever Fuggetaboutid. Stupid even to think about.

But a small commitment? A hedge? Possibly.


I just discovered that a CD with Tulsa Federal CU that I obtained in March does not keep the interest gained in the CD. It does not compound the monthly interest, instead the interest is deposited in the Savings account.

This 18-month CD 2.75% sounded like a decent deal in March when advertised. I called recently to find out why no interest is showing in my CD. When told the answer I asked about closing the account. I must write them a note asking to close the acct, at which point the funds will be transferred to the Savings acct. I plan to close the account after the end of the month when the interest is deposited in my Savings.

What a bummer!!


2.75% is still a good deal, fretting over the interest compounding may be overblown.


Really? How many hundredths of a point does compounding add over 18 months? Actually, a 2.75 interest rate is better than a 2.75 compounded APY, which seems to be what you thought you got.


Just out of curiosity, has anyone bit yet on the CommunityWide five year CD deal?

Myself? Still trying to make up my mind so interested in what others are thinking and doing.

You know, just rambling here, at 3.5% I think I’d be in already. But with their current rate it’s a more difficult call.

The current falling stock market does not mitigate in favor of higher long rates, way I see things. Neither does an inverted yield curve.


The inverted yield curve is troubling but in past history a recession has been as soon as 6 months or as late as 2 years from when the inverted yield occurs…very difficult to predict right now not that it’s easy to predict ANY time but I’m going with my gut and waiting…wouldn’t be the first time my gut just had indigestion though. :wink:


Completely agree. It’s VERY tough. If only I knew now the outcome of this November’s elections. Then I would know what to do. If we’re headed back to malaise I would be taking that CommunityWide deal in a New York second.

Note for anyone unfamiliar:

A New York second is defined as the shortest possible measurement of time. It is standardised as the time between the lights turning green and the taxi behind you beeping his horn. :grinning:


Communitywide 5 year 3.5% CD is not my “cup of tea”. First of all if I go to a 5 year CD, it’s got to be at least 4%.

I’ll have extra funds In a couple weeks (Navy CD matures). For now I will probably stick with a high rate 2.26% savings account.

Do any of you remember SECU accounts several years ago that paid an unbelievable rate of 9% or something near that. Well I do, & maybe we may see a rise of CD rates again. Back in the Day!!


It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.


I think their CD (5 year) is paying something south of 3.5%.


MainStreet Bank adds a nationally available 15mo CD at 2.80% APY; $500 minimum deposit.


AgFed Credit Union’s 30-Month No Penalty CD (2.40% APY)

30-month No-Penalty Share Certificate, 2.40% APY, one penalty-free withdrawal during the term, $1k minimum deposit, new money.


What is the easiest path to being eligible for AgFed (assuming you aren’t an employee of any of their SEGs and aren’t close enough to DC to say you worship there)? I’ve been looking at the list below and so far the easiest path I can find for me would be $35 to join Friends of the National Arboretum.



Field of Membership Restrictions
Membership in AgFed Credit Union is open to anyone through either The Friends of National Zoo ($20 one-time fee) or The Friends of the National Arboretum ($20 one-time fee); joining either is part of the Credit Union’s application process. Membership is also open to those who live, work, worship, volunteer, or attend school in the District of Columbia, and employees (current and retired) of the 60+ SEGs.

If the Arboretum has gone up to $35 I’d check with the zoo which is what I signed up with. Ironic I just finished moving money out of agfed’s previous no penalty 1.85%…the good news is I can now move money BACK to agfed and have it be “new money” closing out another 1.85% no penalty cd @ Cit Bank.