CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread


NASA FCU is offering a decent rate of interest (3.25% APY) on a 15 month CD.

Q: Shin, what about strings? That last deal you posted was rife with strings. We do not need or want any more of such “deals”. That deal outright stinks!!

There are no such strings known to me with this NASA deal. And I agree that other deal, even at 4%, is horrible. Ken has posted that deal now. I’m betting he did so while choking. Ken is no dummy.

Q: All right, 3.25% is a decent yield for fifteen months. Two questions: Has Ken posted this deal yet . . . and can you offer a link?

Ken has not posted this NASA deal yet to best of my knowledge. I’m pretty certain he will. Here is your link:

NASA FCU linky

If you go there you will find reference to this 3.25% deal popping up straightaway.:grinning:


FYI on NASA FCU thread (limited info):


Ken posted this CD on Sep 3rd; see


Not as good a deal as the NASA one I posted 9/3, but a consideration: AgFed Credit Union added a 16mo CD at 3.16% APY; $1,6K minimum deposit (new money). Should be a limited-time deal.


Ally 11-month no penalty CD went up to 2.10%.


Seeing as how I’m the OP here I’m gonna comment on the current state of CD interest rates in general. This thread is not limited to posting of deals, though such postings are most welcome. But discussion alone is also in order here, whether regarding individual deals or CD rates/features in general.

This is prompted by a “three for three” CD Ken is featuring. What the hen is going on!! We all had access to three for three back at the time of Freedom, MANY moons ago! Three for three CD deals are not great offerings. I was hoping for MUCH higher long term rates by now. It’s not happening, aside of course from Sharonview . . . today long ago gone.

The Fed will most likely raise short rates tomorrow. They are pushing on a string. And the stock market is supportive, too, right now. It’s doing OK.

So where are our 4% and 5% CD deals? I dunno, but I’m surely not seeing any out there!


It’s October first. Stuff is changing.

Word on the street this morning is that NASA FCU did not (contrary to their earlier assertions) maintain the high rate on their (was it a fifteen month?) CD. The rate has fallen to 2.75% effective today. It was 3.25% prior, as best I’m able to recall.


I know that many of us had the Northwest FCU 3% CD that starts maturing today. I do… Now I’m seriously looking for a great CD deal to place this money. For now I’m stashing those funds in Alliant CU savings 1.90%. I realize that PurePoint savings is a better rate 2.15%. I would be tied down to leaving that money in PurePoint for a specific time before I could take it out. So I’m waiting! :wink:


This is a true statement. However, that “specific time” is, specifically, four business days.

I will be following a different course with regard to my NWFCU CD dough. I just earlier today completed linking my PurePoint account and my NWFCU savings account. I also have ordered NWFCU to transfer all CD proceeds to my NWFCU savings . . . upon maturity of the CD of course.

There will be no loss of interest, not even for one day. On the day of my NWFCU CD maturity, the moment the money hits my NWFCU savings, I will order a withdrawal at PurePoint . . . whereupon PurePoint will commence paying me interest even though they do not yet have the money. I love that part. :grinning:

In the event a great deal opens up during my four day waiting period, I will use funds from elsewhere to fund any such new account. But the way things have been going now for a long time, that is not an outcome I consider especially likely. :wink:


shinobi, your response sounds better than mine with NWFCU money. Only problem is I already made the transfer early this morning. I just rushed over to Alliant CU to make the change & it’s to late, the transfer is completed. So, tomorrow I can have PurePoint make the transfer from Alliant. I thought the hold on funds at PP was more than 4 days. So if I get the transfer completed tomorrow, & PP has a hold of 4 days, will the money be available for use on Friday? Probably not, & availability would be Monday…;(

Anyway, what’s the holdup on new, good, great CD’s? When I look back at the cd rate on Northwest 3%, & that was 3yrs ago, it was fantastic for the times.


@pattyb53 Did you end up getting the CD opened with Keesler? Just curious if that worked out…


No gremin007, I did not get the Keesler CD. But I did finally get the Freedom 30Mo 3.56% CD. I’m hoping that we all might see a 4% CD that is short term. When I say short term I’m thinking no longer that 2yr.


Sorry, not Monday. You have overlooked the fact Monday is a bank holiday. Also:

It is not four days. It is, instead, four business days.

Were I in your precise situation I would wait until Friday to instruct PurePoint to withdraw the money from your Alliant account . . . assuming those two accounts are linked, of course. That way you will earn four days of double interest (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) which is not a shabby outcome at all in my view.

For PurePoint customers, any three day (bank) holiday weekend is a distinct money-making opportunity.:grinning:

I ask you: is PurePoint great or WHAT!!


Yes agree, PurePoint is a good savings spot.

Now, what about the new post, Premier America 16Mo 3% CD? I have some money now & don’t know what to do with it. :wink:


Money One FCU is offering a “three for three” deal. The CD is also a step-up CD, within certain limitations.

Link to deal

I’m already a Money One member, but if I recall correctly anyone can join. Since I joined years ago I do not recall the details.


One “step up” per 12 months. Essentially, this is a series of 3 1-year CDs, with a 3% rate the first year.

The only question is, how competitive are their regular CD offerings? Just because top rates are 4% in 12 months doesnt mean that’s where you’ll be able to “step up” to when exercising that option - their current standard 3-year CD is only earning 1.34% right now, which will require their standard rates to more than double before there will even be something to step up to from 3%.


For anyone who might be interested, Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a 24-month CD at 3.00% APY (Share Certificate/IRA/ESA) with minimum of $10,000 new money.


I went ahead & opened the Premier America 16-Month CD, 3%. Actually I really just opened the Savings acct now & plan to ach funds into the savings. My Northwest CD matured earlier & it is in the EBSB Direct Savings drawing 2.5%, so I’m not in a rush to go for 3% CD. The thing I like most is the 16 month time frame.


So now I have another decision.
Do I want to go for the 21-mo 3.2% CD with Ag Fed CU or take the 16-mo 3% with Premier America CU??

When I stop & think of the difference. Just 5 months & 20 cents on the $ will cause me to say Ag Fed is going to win out. So I have funds sitting at PurePoint that will be eligible to transfer Monday 10/15. So I have a couple days to decide.


It looks like I may have to join AgFed, as they have had a few really good offers recently. I’m not getting in on this one as I’m lucky to live in one of the 8 counties that Kohler Credit Union serves. They currently have a slightly better offer (3.25% for 18 months, as well as 2.75% for 9 months), but they are technologically in the dark ages (I had to write a check to fund the CD).