CD Discussion Thread

CD Discussion Thread


Big time operator, shinobi…:wink:

Thanks for the heads up on the NFCU new deal. Opened one today! To bad the max is only $50K, but I will open one for my husband & that will protect $100K.

Funny thing when I looked at my Navy balances, I have another CD that shows 15mo 2.35% that will mature 3/2019. Isn’t that a pity? But, when I bought that CD 2.35% looked good.


It is always a quandary for me to know where to post such as this. No-penalty certificates of deposit are both CDs and also liquid funds at the same time. Anyway, I shall post here:

Keep an eye on Ally in the days immediately upcoming. I believe they might once again raise the interest rate on their no-penalty CD, presently at only 2.3% APY.

Q: Shin, why?

Think about current competition in the realm of liquid accounts. EBSB is at 2.5%, Virtual is at 2.36%, PurePoint is at 2.35% . . . you get the idea.

Unless Ally raises they for certain could experience significant, and abrupt, deposit outflows commencing exactly one week hence. :wink:


accidentally posted to liquid accounts thread instead of cd thread

Well the navy Fed deal seems to be pretty much as previously described. Anyone besides me taking advantage? (I already had an account so just moving some funds). Capped at 50k which seems to be their “standard” for the special cd’s…their previous one (15 month @ 2.25) was also 50k max. The previous one expires in march for me so basically going to end up being a swap.

As per a conversation with their customer support this cd should be available until April 30th. He also stated they always update rates and products on Monday’s so that would be the day to check in future.


You sure you don’t mean 2.25%? I ask because my 15month from Navy Fed also matures in March.


Tricky to get money to NFCU. You can’t pull - have to push, apparently.


Ally: Get our 14-Month Select CD at 2.85%
Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

" . When you took advantage of the Payback Time promotion, we promised you something better. Now let’s take it a step further. For a limited time only, we’re offering a 14-Month Select CD at a special rate. Don’t miss it!

Did you know?
The funds you deposited into an eligible Ally Bank account as part of the Payback Time promotion can be used to fund your new 14-Month Select CD — at no impact to your bonus. Hurry though, this offer ends on February 28, 2019."


Well, I predicted Ally would do something . . . but not this. They are trying to string us out, trying to hang onto our special deal dough from last November.

I will not be taking this deal, not with liquid account rates predicted to hit 3% before year’s end. I want either a higher liquid money rate, e.g. on their no-penalty CD, or else a 4% rate on a four or five year CD. I will not be maneuvered and locked by Ally into a dangerous intermediate term CD below even 3% for goodness sake. This offer is bad totem for us, great for them.:angry:


I agree with your take on the deal. Not anything to write home about, and I won’t be locking up my money there after 1/15. But my goodness … “maneuvered”, “locked”, “dangerous”? They are about to give us each $1000 so I think Ally and I will part friends.


I am just checking out my Home Loan Investment Bank 18-month eCD 3.15%.

Someone wrote earlier on cashing out this cd upon maturity. They mentioned that there was nothing other than a snail mail check for redemption upon maturity. Well I pulled up this account & sure enough that is true. My CD will not mature until 2/2/20, but wondering if any other’s may have come up with more info.

I read through my info & there is no mention of any way to add a savings or checking account. Also I have never been able to add Home Loan Investment Bank to my Mint account.

Does anyone here have this account?


Well, what can I say? I’m a fan of hyperbole! :grinning:

As far as Ally being my friend, though . . . . . not certain I can go that far. Business, for me, remains business.:wink:


This just a brief heads up for CD aficionados:

Today (Wednesday), at 2:00 pm ET, the Fed will release minutes from the most recent, December, FOMC meeting. Keep a weather eye. Those minutes could contain clues to, among other things, the direction interest rates will take here in 2019.


This is for Ally Payback Time participants:

As you know the day of reckoning approaches apace. I thought Ally would raise their no-penalty CD rate in order to entice us to keep our Payback Time funds with them.

This has not happened. But it is a cat and mouse game. We are the mice.

However, be reminded that new Ally no-penalty certificates of deposit are not permitted to be closed for, what is it, six days (not sure)? Something like that. Anyway, were Ally to raise their no-penalty CD rate on Monday, for example, and if we jumped in, that would lock up our Payback Time funds at Ally for an additional week. Look before you leap. Keep a weather eye. And so forth.:wink:


Another comment regarding Ally Payback Time money:

I sense opportunity staring in the face of Ally participants who also are PurePoint customers. Be advised Monday, January twenty-first, is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America, a Federal holiday. PurePoint is closed on Federal holidays. So is Ally Bank.

If you schedule an ACH funds movement, Ally to PurePoint, at the PurePoint website on Friday, January eighteenth, you will earn double interest on your PayBack Time money for four days. If you are planning to remove the money from Ally anyway via PurePoint, that Friday might be the best day to schedule the transfer.

Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

Gotta question for Friends…

I am eligible for one of Ken’s promos. 37-mo CD 3.66%. I have applied & have $5 in the Savings acct. As most of you know we have all been waiting for a 4% short term CD. This one is fairly close, but it would tie me down for 3yrs.

Would you take it?


I would treat something like that in manner similar to what I did at Sun East.

I would go in. But I for certain would not bet the farm. I’m not prepared to make major CD moves south of 4%. But I’m well aware this approach might not yield fruit any time soon. :slightly_frowning_face:


Thanks shinobi,

Yes this one is very tempting. I will set up my ach settings tomorrow & begin the process to add funds to that savings acct. Then later I can open the CD.

Not to often that one of Ken’s new good offers comes along, for which I can qualify.


Patelco CU, based in SF Bay Area so may not be available to all, is offering a flexible rising rate CD which is 3% the first year, 3.5% the second year and 4% the third year. It also has the option to withdraw without penalty on the CD anniversary (when the rate rises) each year.

I’m thinking of jumping in since i live in the area, but would like any inputs.


Sounds like a great deal to me, but I pretty much stopped rate chasing a few years ago. – Looks like you can join Patelco through the ‘Community Association for Engaging Youth’ if anyone wants to give it a shot and doesn’t meet the other requirements.


Yes, frugalpete, I also thought this offer might be ok.

I belong to Patelco CU. I have had an IRA account with them for many years. They mailed me info on this promo & I checked it out. In essence it is a 3yr CD 3.50%. But I found one a little better. 37-mo CD 3.66%. Not much better but I will go for the latter one.


Well, if you are going that far out, Navy Federal has 3.75% APY with just 3 more months commitment.