Individual Stock Discussions

Individual Stock Discussions


Why are you so uninformed ?

~ Crude futures plunged about $3 a barrel after Bloomberg News initially reported that Trump will announce new sanctions on Iran

~ U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil was down $1.65 a barrel, or 2.3 percent

~ International benchmark Brent crude fell $1.30, or 1.7 percent



Why would that be mentioned, when the post was in reference to the Iran deal announcement ?

Crude DECLINED across the board.

Grow up.


Hello, I want to open a paper trading/simulation account to get more familiar with stocks/investing etc. I find that I’ve read a lot over the years but can’t seem to pull the trigger on my own. I did well balancing my 401K when I could afford to make a mistake and worst case “lose” the employers contribution.

I’m leaning towards TD (thinkorswim) and/or NinjaTrader, does anyone know if applying for a brokerage account with no margin triggers a hard pull? How about with margin (I suspect this would)?

I called the 1-800 and the reps didn’t answer with 100% certainty to me.

I already have an account with TD, this will be another one, if that helps.


Looks like there is a strong resistance around $300 for TSLA and shorts are having a hard time to keep it below $300 . I have feeling Elon is going to ignite in coming weeks. Bought few TSLA Call options.


Flipity-Flopity (As Predicted, the V.S.G. Caves)


The administration has suspended its plan to impose sweeping tariffs on China and trade experts warned that could undercut the administration’s leverage and thrust the United States back into lengthy, and ultimately fruitless, negotiations with China.

Orders for nearly 1 million tons of U.S. soybean exports were canceled last week, according to government data released on Friday, as cheap supplies from Brazil and trade tensions with China made U.S. cargoes less attractive to buyers.

China already signed a free trade deal with Australia, which is fulfilling their demand for beef and dairy, at a cost to U.S. farmers, and China already signed contracts with Brazil, which competes with U.S. farmers for soybeans, while Brazil (whose growing season is opposite the U.S.), is adding additional acreage of soy specifically for export.


Would like to see Tesla above 300 for sure.


What are some good buys?


My advice: don’t do it. Take a lot of time, and your chance of success is very slim. Not worth it. Be safe, put away money and diversify for the long run.


Probably going to jinx myself. Today’s the first day I’ve been positive for YTD @ brokerage (taxable+IRA) since Jan 17, net of IRA contribution of course. Of course I have about 12% left to go to reach Jan 15.

taxable: -5.0%
Roth IRA: +32.8%
total: +0.5%

If I figure in tax consequences I might be a little better since some of the short term losses converted to Roth IRA gains and potentially long-term holdings in the taxable account.


Wow! TSLA is on fire. Shorts are scrambling to cover their position! One more catalyst coming soon when 5k weekly production is officially announced in few weeks!


I admire your enthusiasm, but Musk has a loooooong history of missing his own deadlines that he throws out…I will be surprised if Tesla makes 5k/week by the end of June, and if he gets asked on the quarterly conference call he’ll hang up and complain about boneheaded questions!


This is why TSLA is not a great stock to short. The fundamentals are bad but the stock trades on sentiment and can swing ±10% on the latest tweet or promise. For now I’m ignoring the volatility and just waiting, although I did consider adding to my short or selling calls yesterday on the price increase.

Meeting the production target might cause the stock to rise, but when they lose $25-30k/car, it’s not going to help the bottom line.


They’ll make it up on volume.

I want to say that while I don’t like the company’s financial position, I would never bet against the stock. They have good branding, a huge potential reach with their solar stuff, awesome cars…I just can’t believe their market cap given the fundamentals.


Are they really? I thought they were only losing on the base versions, which is why they’re making the upgraded cars first. And if they’re not losing anything on the upgrades, I doubt they’re losing $25k on the base.


You are correct. But shorts can’t comprehend how scaling decreases the cost and their claim of losing $25K car is grossly exaggerated. They keep repeating the old news and spread false information of Tesla is losing $25K per car. That was when Tesla couldn’t even produce 1K per month. Now Tesla is getting close to 5K per WEEK. So much has changed. The sentiment has changed and that’s why TSLA shot up last week when Elon confirmed that Tesla is getting near 5k per week. But shorts got caught with their pants down when they failed to comprehend an easy concept of exponential growth in production. The more cars Tesla can produce, the cheaper unit cost will be. It’s fake news if someone is still claiming that Tesla is losing $25k per Model 3. Plain stupidity if someone still believes old data and deserves to lose money for shorting TSLA. IMHO, TSLA has better chance of hitting $350 than $290 going forward (assuming if there no idiots driving in Autopilot mode and watching a movie on a smartphone).


Congrats on timing your calls. I’m not following enough of the TSLA news cycle to play those games, but they’re probably worth doing if you’re paying a lot of attention.

If you want a short perspective, this is a summary of a short seller’s presentation and you can watch his talk in the video there as well. It’s good talk and he’s very knowledgeable about the company, markets, their accounting,etc.


Mark Spiegel has been shorting Tesla since many years ago. He even came on CNBC and made a fool of himself. Once in a while I read his tweets for a good laugh. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow Mark’s recommendation.


Currently AutoPilot is only Level 2 and still needs a driver’s full attention. Need to get Level 4 certification before a driver can watch a movie while driving.


He’s been wrong / early to shorting TSLA, no question. He does bring up a lot of the bearish points (financial issues, competitive pressures, etc) pretty well. What those are worth you’ve got to judge for yourself.


Actually they claim to have full autonomous ready to go and commercially available in August (less than two months away).
But I’ll only believe it when I actually see it.

It’s hard to interpret “full autonomous” as intending to portray anything other than level 4.