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Individual Stock Discussions


Thread seems ded. At least AAPL almost has crept back to $200.


For all you lucky LYFT owners, I hope you sold early after the IPO. Priced at $72, still a 10% return but could have been 20% earlier in the day.


Edit. Here’s the next couple days



Q1’19 performance - total returns for the year to date.

QQQ 17% tech stocks
IWM 15% smallcaps
SPY 14% large caps
EFA 10% foreign stocks (developed)
EEM 10% foreign stocks (emerging markets)
JNK 8% junk bonds
BTC 8% bitcoin
BND 3% bonds
GLD 1% gold

Everyone’s a winner! Just the opposite of 2018, where everything but cash was down, some more than others.


Took slightly longer than 3 months for AAPL from $142 to back over $200.

Now my IB accounts are up around 100% from low in Jan this year, but still down around 40% from Jan '18. Still a ways to go.

Not planning to touch any of my AAPL leaps for at least 6-9 more months. Earliest dated are 2x Jun '20. The rest are in '21.