Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases


Another $50.00 bonus offer sent to me. They must love me. Hehe.


Greatness, have you done much charging on this card?

It’s been years now since I’ve received anything. Not that I’m complaining. At 6 million points earned and counting at a return of better than 1.5c a point, this card has been very good to me.

Now if I could just figure out why I’m not getting the 10% travel bonus. :slight_smile:


Priceline was my “go to” card for a number of years. Then the Alliant thing happened, knocking my Priceline usage down to zero.


I use it sparingly. Since I received the original offer in Q4 2017 and then another offer in Q1 2018, I’ve put on only a few grand. Nothing much. Citi Double Cash is usually my go to spend card outside of grocery, fuel and travel and restaurant charges.


Why do you prefer Citi DC to PL, given then outsized redemption options with PL?


I don’t really travel much anymore. I mostly rather have the 2% CB which I then have either transferred to a savings or vanguard account to accumulate and invested in the market. It’s seems to have worked pretty well for me so far.

However, if one does travel, the Priceline bonus is quite nice. I used to use that perk when I was married and traveling more. As I am sure you know, you can get even more CB when using a portal like Top Cash Back or Giving Assistant for a nice added bonus to your travels.


Eh? The worst you can do with this card is get 2% cashback more quickly (and hence less AA risk) than with Citi CB, since you can redeem points right away. Do any travel or PL purchases, and this card vaunts way ahead IMO…


I haven’t taken advantage of it yet, but DC extends warranties up to an additional 2 years vs. PL’s 1 year extended warranty. Also, I’m using Drop and Spent apps for additional cash back, and they don’t play nice with Barclay’s/PL for some reason. Don’t do much traveling.


Thanks Storm. Good point about citi’s extended warranty, I use my Citi Business Costco card for certain products for that same reason.

However, for the many charges that aren’t warrantied, like my insurance payments, it seems a no-brainer to prefer PL over DC.

I am not familiar with Drop and Spent apps, are they discussed here? If not, you might consider starting a thread…thanks either way!


Has anyone tried using this card to pay for a flight booked on expedia.com ?

I have a couple of flights with Avianca that can be booked cheapest this way.

TIA for data points or related info.


I just noticed a fraudulent charge on this card, on my wife’s authorized user card - a little over $1,000. A Square charge from some tour agency in NYC.

Interestingly, since it was Square that processed the payment, she got an email copy of the receipt, complete with the “Signature” of the person making the purchase. The number was keyed in, not swiped.

I reported it to Barclays yesterday. After reading how Barclays handles disputes on Flyertalk, I am a little nervous whether this will be resolved either promptly or in my favor. They seem to have the worst customer service of any of the major credit card companies.

Anyone have experience disputing charges with Barclays?


I started a dispute with Barclays (priceline visa) for an ebay purchase from China that never showed up. I called it fraud to characterize it under their fraud guarantees, but they argued it was just a standard merchant dispute, and couldn’t make any guarantees. The customer rep was basically in adversarial mode, trying to fight me from the onset; rather than have any sense of being pro customer. Anyways, it was a big hassle to even submit the claim, which needed to be done in written form and with fairly strict timelines. Because the charge was fairly low value ($17), I ultimately didn’t bother. Really night and day experience compared to Amex or Good visa issuers. After that, I was much more careful about putting big charges on my priceline card.

Hopefully this kind of fraud should be more clearcut and you won’t have as big of a hassle. That said, I would still be careful: Open the dispute early. Document names and conversation dates. Submit things in writing with registered mail. Good luck.


Yep, I submitted the fraud claim over the phone on Saturday (since my wife’s number was compromised), and I followed up with a fax of the Square receipt she received. Barclays would be stupid to deny this - I charge almost everything I can on this card.

I figure if they do deny this, I have more than enough of a paper trail to escalate this to the relevant consumer protection agencies and/or small claims court. Hopefully it will not come to that.


Update: the dispute’s status was marked as “Resolved” and I now notice that I have a credit on my account.

Although this was not as good as AMEX (which has instantly reversed fraudulent charges for me), this positive outcome was a lot easier to achieve than I expected.

In case anyone stumbles on this: if you have any tangible evidence to back up your claim, I would definitely take advantage of faxing a letter to their dispute department at 866-836-6378. This got it resolved for me on the next business day.


Not sure what will happen with this card. Likely just get a new look.

Totally unsure if any earnings reward changes are planned.

Card website is still working: https://www.pricelinevisa.com/



From the sound of it, it seems like they are just changing the name of the umbrella group from Priceline to Booking.com. I think the individual properties (Priceline, Booking, Kayak, etc) will retain their branding. I would expect the credit card to maintain Priceline branding, unless they have multiple cards and are trying to consolidate that into a single offering.

Personally, I think it’s kind of stupid. Maybe it is just me, but I think the Priceline name has a lot more worth than the “Booking.com” name.


Domestically, yes. Internationally, no. Booking.com is king overseas.


It looks like PL is phasing out NYOP car rentals in most of the cities I visit.

A few “express deals” remain, but they are rarely competitive compared to alternatives like rates listed at autoslash.com or directly with rental agencies.

Meanwhile, many chains have been making it harder to get loyalty credit & status benefits while booking through 3d parties like PL–and especially when PL collects payment (as they do with ED and NYOP).

That means for me, the highest, best use for this card is increasingly using it for airfare. I hope that redemption option sticks around awhile.


I see at least two links on this page where you can start a bit for NYOP car rental.



The links are still there, but when you try to bid at a number of airports, you get a message about NYOP not being supported at that location.