Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards


What do you mean “almost”?


Two weeks since my last post and Chase Freedom still has not posted Q2 rewards categories.

Total fail


That happened in the past, but it may have been a mistake.


Great! I did buy some Costco gift cards and was worried when they posted as “MISC. General Merchandise.” I still haven’t gotten my bill, but I emailed customer service and they said it would receive the 5%.


Guess this is as good place as any to mention that the Cash+ card added (back?) utilities as a 5% category for Q2. Many utilities companies can be prepaid via cc for a flat fee.


It replaces “bookstore”.


Remind me which one of the drugstores or grocery chains takes mobile payment for VGC? I need to make some tax payments.


OK, so I posted that over a month ago. That was back then. This is now, March starts tomorrow, and Chase still has not posted Q2 for Freedom.

What is reality here? Do they wait until March fifteenth?


In the rare off chance someone from Chase is reading this thread – it’s embarrassing that it takes so long to release Freedom Quarterly categories. You’re dropping the ball and someone should lose their job.


Thank you, TripleB, for your support. That is exactly how I feel. I mean, they have to know by now what the categories will be . . . right? So why not let us know so we can plan our spending.

OTOH, maybe that’s the reason they are so tight-lipped. Maybe they do not want to assist us with our planning! It’s Chase, after all. They have more money than Jeff Bezos!!

Let’s face facts: Q2 at Freedom is the “big one”. It’s the quarter when we hope for a “food and groceries” 5% reward. Failing that: big disappointment. Chase needs to put up or shut up.

After further review, I suppose they actually are shutting up . . so far. :wink:


This is Chase, the genius who decided to stall the release of Q2 probably got a promotion, not fired.


Yes, agreed if that is what is happening. My uncertainty is as a result of not knowing when release of the Q2 information is actually due . . . based on past history, I mean.

Heck, maybe they never release this stuff until two weeks out (March 15th). I do not know what has been their past practice. But I surely would like to know the Q2 categories.


In past years, they used to tell us months in advance. I remember several years back, we’d have 2 to 3 quarters ahead mapped out. In the last year though, it’s been a few weeks before the category date.

If my Chase Freedom card were not so old and account aged, I might cancel it.


It’s probably the same guy who re-designed their online banking website.
Re-designed = slowed down, not fully beta tested, less efficient, less logical, but prettied up with ads.


Ad blockers can fix the ads and hide other annoyances. I agree that it’s too slow (and it doesn’t even load after login if it goes out of focus, such as if you’re viewing another tab), but I like it a lot more than the old site. In fact I think it’s the best – I don’t think I’ve ever used another bank that integrates their banking and credit products on a single page as well as Chase.


I’m so sorry to read this. Since their fiasco of a couple of weeks ago, I decided to finally look for another bank, and had only kept Chase because I used to love their website. The nearest branch is 200 miles away, but I was used to their bill pay, and didn’t want to re-learn another banks’s way to doing things.


That logon fiasco was unbelievable, but they “pay” me enough to forgive such transgressions.

I’ve used Chase’s, Citi’s, and Discover’s billpay (and MBNA’s ~a decade ago), and they’re all pretty similar – you add a biller, hope the system recognizes them, and schedule payments. I think there are really only 2 major billpay providers that all the banks use anyway.


Thanks for the info. I’ll be confirming if it’s still that way soon, and may start a thread on my experience.


Just as an update, the idiots at Chase still have not released the Q2 Freedom categories. This even though the first day for activation is this coming Thursday!!

What are they going to do . . . wait until Thursday?

Chase: WABOA


I now have a new theory on the delay. Chase allows you to retroactively sign up for Q1 until the 14th of March. They’re purposely saying nothing until that window has closed so anyone who forgot to sign up for Q1 won’t be given the 5x. I’m expecting an announcement on Mar 15th because of this.