Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards

Let's Compare: 5% Credit Card Rotating Quarterly Rewards


Q2: grocery and transactions made using Chase Pay/PayPal. Looks like I was right about the March 15th date for signup.


S’bout time :slightly_frowning_face:


Looks like they are copying Discover’s quarterly bonus again. Too bad for those who have both cards.

Chase has always (since the begin of the new Freedom card and its quarterly bonus) allowed you to activate until the 14th of the last month in the quarter. But they used to announce the quarterly bonuses for the whole year in advance.

I still have Chase’s Freedom Card calendar wallet card from a few years ago that listed all quarterly bonuses for the year.


Chase Freedom Q2 is available for signup.


Looks like the UR website got an update too.


Done. Not too proud to collect my $75 :slight_smile:


I’m cool with that. Easy $150 vs. easy $75.


… except when it is groceries and you already have Amex Blue Cash Preferred. That pretty much means Q2 for this CF and Discover holder is rather boring.

OK, granted, there is a $6K per year max on the BCP, but if you have Player 2. Still, I get your point about the maximums can be reached quickly if you spend time at the gift card rack at the grocery store.


I don’t get the love for BCP. $95 AF brings 6% down to 4.4% if you actually spend the $6K on groceries (not “groceries”). And 5 UR is closer to 7.5% for many.


Good point, scripta. But my current BCP was an upgrade from BCE with a $250 bonus.

But also, BCP gives you 6% on groceries for the whole year, not just a quarter. If brand loyalties align with gift card inventory, it means you’re getting 6% on gas, chain restaurants, home improvement stores, etc. all year long (up to $6000).


Say you spend $10k/yr on groceries, how do you maximize cashback then? The chase 5% groceries is quarterly… and limit is $1500 limit, so even adding discover cards, you’d need 6 different cards - if they let you - and still not get close to $10k spend. So then you’d be down to the 3% groceries of other cards…

That said, I agree that 5% UR is better than 6% cashback so I’ll max it out next quarter


Okay, I’ll admit my ignorance. How is 5 UR ~ 7.5%, or even better than 6%?


UR can be transferred to other cards. CSR gives 1.5x for travel redemptions, CSP gives 1.25x. All the premium UR cards give 1:1 transfers to travel partners, where it’s pretty easy to achieve 1.5x. 5% * 1.5 = 7.5%. I suppose you can use some of that 7.5% to justify the AF on a premium card, so actual worth may be slightly less. But there’s no way to justify the BCP AF – it’s 4.4% any way you slice it, not 6.


No, it isn’t. You’ve come up with a calculation that assumes the cardholder only uses BCP to buy groceries and buys all their groceries in 2018Q2 when CF has 5% category for groceries. Where are you getting even 4.4% for groceries year-round? BCP also gives 3% for gas and department stores year-round. Yes, you can get cards that perform in those categories, but not Chase UR cards.

Again, I have my BCP because they gave me $155 to try it for a year (PC’ed from BCE with $250 - $95 bonus). I may very well conclude at renewal it is not worth the AF. So I almost agree with you in principal here. But your calculation that assumes 5% on groceries year-round on a Chase card is not correct.


I never said anything about “year-round”, only that BCP is not really 6% because of the AF. I guess it can be > 4.4% if you spend a lot at department stores. 3% isn’t the best for gas.


Thanks for the explanation. Since we don’t make use of travel other than gasoline and, rarely, rental cars. I think the BCP is fine for us. We use it for gas and groceries which is the largest part of our budget, CF for their quarterly categories, and CF 1.5% for everything else.


i am an mser for 4 years. I dont travel or stay in hotels. between wife and I we have 3 Freedoms/3 Discover Its (from years ago, And also a Disc Mileage at 3%)We have a BCP and use exclusively for grocery organic spend… maybe 1 or 2 VGC. I use the 3% BCE/CCunion 3% groceries (capped) for 500.00 vgc. Plus if you are lucky enough to have OBC you can make loads as long as you 1)have all the time and 2)nothing changes with amex on cash back. So far so good. But I read they are denying bonuses if you MS. And Disc Miles has never said a word, as I buy VGC and OV with that 3%. In month 9 with 2100 so far cash back. Waiting till end to double. After fees for cards this could net 2500+2500 -fees on gift cards and MOO fees: 4200.00 I think. Not a mathematician. I could ramp up but time factors in.


Bump. 5% Citi/Chase/Discover is all known now.


Bump, 5% Citi/Chase/Discover for Q4 is all known now. The entire year’s calendar is available.
We have Chase Pay, among other categories, for Q4 :slight_smile:


You could do it in Google Sheets like this:

Then we can view it in Portrait mode on mobile and actually scroll left and right. Plus there’s colors!